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Winnie Mucherah Ball State University Indiana, U.S.A.

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1 Winnie Mucherah Ball State University Indiana, U.S.A

2  The purpose of the study/statement of purpose is clearly stated.  Research questions are appropriate to the stated purpose of the study.

3  A strong introduction of the topic’s key question(s).  Clear delineation of subtopics to be reviewed  Fluidly/smoothly leads to the purpose of the study  Key terms/variables are clearly defined/operationalized

4  A critical summary of the literature is provided.  There is a specific and clear description of what is missing from this literature (identified gaps) or what researchers do not yet know.  An explanation of how the proposed study will fill this research gap is included.

5  Specific issues, variables, populations, or methods are mentioned.  Author’s VOICE is clearly heard!

6  Hypotheses or propositions are clearly stated, and directional predictions are made based on the previous literature  Hypotheses are testable  It is clear what the experimental groups are or who the participants are in the study.

7  The design of the study is clear and complete and appropriate to test the hypothesis or allow for emergent themes

8  Procedure is appropriate and ethical  It is described, in order, with enough details that a reader could replicate the study

9  Analysis plan is appropriate to the research hypotheses or questions.  Planned statistical analyses are appropriate and include all the relevant information.  Clear explanation of how the dependent variable will be measured.  Procedures for data treatment are explained

10  Includes all and ONLY cited research articles  The research articles are appropriate to the topic.  Includes sufficient literature (e.g., within the past 5 years) and classic literature (e.g., within the past 15 years)

11  Few errors or no errors in APA/MLA style.  The writing style does not detract from the proposal.  Scholarly style  Writing has minimal awkward or unclear passages/sentences/statements

12  KNOW your story  Tell your story  It’s important


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