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Georgia Emergency Management Agency Homeland Security

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1 Georgia Emergency Management Agency Homeland Security
ACCG Annual Conference Micah Hamrick Deputy Director GEMA/HS April 19, 2015

2 “In Georgia, our plans and renewed commitment to excellence will make us prepared. Our People will make us successful.” – Jim Butterworth

3 GEMA/HS Organizational Chart
Director Jim Butterworth Executive Staff Rita Smith, Meredith Link Chief of Staff Lauren Curry Public Affairs Section Deputy Director Homeland Security Micah Hamrick Deputy Director Emergency Management Gary Kelley Deputy Director Programs & Finance Charley English Homeland Security Division Jonna West Operations Division Charlie Dawson Public Assistance & Recovery Division Angi Whatley Information Technology Section Kenny Rankin Training Section Ed Westbrook Hazard Mitigation Division Terry Lunn GISAC Planning Section Angela Barton Finance Division Ceporia McMillian Exercise Section Tod Keys

4 Homeland Security Grant Program
Fiscal Year Total Award from Federal Government – including Metro Atlanta Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Local Portion State Portion 2014 $12,706,615 $10,348,304 $2,358,311 2013 $11,418,784 $9,249,215 $2,169,569 2012 $10,291,212 $8,346,382 $1,944,830 2011 $21,343,329 $17,564,967 $3,778,362 2010 $37,527,380 $31,171,647 $6,355,733 2009 $37,686,881 $30,857,891 $6,828,990 2008 $46,659,686 $39,283,749 $7,375,937 2007 $71,240,418 $56,992,334 $14,248,084 2006 $44,406,375 $35,525,100 $8,881,275 2005 $54,918,163 $43,934,530 $10,983,633 2004 $67,450,733 $53,960,586 $13,490,147 2003 $51,767,000 $41,413,600 $10,353,400 Total $ 467,416,576 $378,648,305 $88,768,271 Federal funds were provided to create and enhance statewide coverage, build teams and capabilities for the following projects: GSAR GSAR K9, EOD/EOD K9, HazMat, Medical Surge, Interoperability, Planning, Exercise, Training, CBRNE, Citizens Corp, Tactical Medical Response, Buffer Zone, SWAT, Rail & Transit, Infrastructure Protection, Law Enforcement, and Urban Area Security Initiatives.

5 Local and State Capabilities in Georgia Built and Supported by Homeland Security Grants
14 Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) Teams 15 Georgia Search and Rescue (GSAR) Teams 50 Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Teams 10 Law Enforcement Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive (LE CBRNE) Teams 9 GSAR K9 Teams 2 Incident Management Teams (IMT) 10 GBRT K9 Teams 63 EOD K9 Teams

6 What does the “Worst day in Georgia” look like?

7 “Black Swan” event or “Proper Preparedness”?


9 Tri – State Crematory


11 “Al Qaeda is over”

12 Are you prepared?

13 Questions?

14 Be Ready Governor’s Severe Winter Weather Taskforce Recommendations
Improved communication with all private and public partners Ready GA App Upgrades New GIS technology Brine Pre-Treatment Multi-Agency Strike Teams

15 How will Cyber security impact the next event?

16 “The U.S. is not prepared for a cyber attack”

17 How could terrorism impact the economy?

18 “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

19 EMA Directors & Field Coordinators
The PRIMARY POINT OF CONTACT within each community is the local Emergency Management Agency Director. Field Coordinators serve as a liaison between state government/GEMA, the local public safety community and local elected officials.

20 Field Coordinators Field Coordinators develop working relationships with local government leaders including Mayors and Commissioners. Relationships are also developed with agency heads such as sheriffs, police chiefs, EMS directors, directors and fire chiefs. Additional local agency contacts will include DFACS, Health Departments, public works, etc.

21 WebEOC Statewide System for Crisis Management
Electronic communication between the State and local jurisdictions Web-based, accessible from any location, unlimited users Toolbox for Managing Crisis Information Resource management (requests for assistance) Situational awareness / information sharing Used at GEMA for Daily Operations and Disasters Available for all EMAs Statewide For daily operational use For use during local emergencies /disasters Training Available for EMA Directors and Staff No cost to the local jurisdiction

22 WebEOC “Toolbox” Incident Reporting / Updates
Local, Regional & Statewide Situational Awareness Requesting Assistance Managing Critical Information Shelters Critical Facility Emergency Power Requirements Road Closures Press Releases Clint Perkins


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