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+ Maximizing Instruction in the PLTW Classroom Using Technology.

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1 + Maximizing Instruction in the PLTW Classroom Using Technology

2 + Kyle McFarland Pattonville High School Biomedical Teacher

3 + Bellringer Log onto:

4 + PLTW Classroom: PBL Problem Based Learning Work with other classmates to solve complex and authentic problems Develop content knowledge Problem solving skills Self-assessment skills Student centered “Learning by doing”

5 + Challenges of Problem-Based Learning Not enough background knowledge Group work Good and the Bad Assessment of understanding Summative Assessment Formative Assessment Mastery of the content

6 + Flipped Classroom Any materials introduced before the activity or lab will be learned by the student at home Students work in class This allows for deeper understanding of content Encourages students to reach a solution to the PBL learning style Provides a scaffolding to reach the solution

7 +

8 + Tools for Flipped Classroom Student has control of their learning Lessons and content are now more accessible for the student Allows for more time in class for activities and projects Student must participate and try to learn from the online lecture Hard to gauge student understanding from the lecture Not every student has internet access ProCon

9 + Creating Videos Doceri Free but can pay for upgrades Makes a link between you and your tablet device Be able to record your voice while take notes on the PowerPoint Frees you from the front of the class

10 + Creating Videos Quick Time Player Record your self teaching from the board Record your PowerPoint presentation with voiceover Can do basic editing

11 + Websites/Programs for the flipped classroom

12 + Why I chose edpuzzle... It’s Free!!!! Student can access videos on their phone IPhone and Android apps Can edit classroom videos Crop videos Add voice over Add understanding checkpoints Tons of great options!!!

13 + Editing Classroom Videos

14 +

15 +

16 +

17 + Addressing Student Participation

18 +

19 +

20 +

21 +

22 + Addressing Student Understanding

23 +

24 +

25 + Addressing Student Access to Internet

26 + Group Work in PBL Good: Facilitates students to work together to solve a problem Exposed to different ideas to come to the same conclusion Help one another Teaches them to work with many personalities of students

27 + Group Work in PBL Bad: Works best when all students are contributing to the solution

28 + Group Work Solutions...

29 +

30 +

31 + Checking for understanding Summative Assessments Tests Quizzes Formative Assessments Provide a quick way to check for understanding Many tools available to provide quick response

32 + Formative Assessment Kahoot Quick and easy way to gauge understanding Students enjoy the competitive nature of the program Free!! Can access through both computer and phone

33 + Formative Assessment Poll Everywhere Students text in answers to questions. Great as an exit survey Can be accessed with: Cell Phones Computers Tablets

34 + Formative Assessment Google Drive Use Google forms that check for understanding Can be accessed from the classroom or home Can record individual student responses

35 + Mastery of the Content Quizlet Free!!! Teacher Upgrade $30 and worth it! Online Flashcards Students can practice vocabulary and key terms Can be accessed anywhere

36 + Mastery of the Content Quizlet Teacher or student can create sets to study Easy to export vocab list from PLTW to Quizlet Password protected

37 + Mastery of the Content Quizlet Quizlet allows the student study key terms and concepts in many different ways Simple Flashcards Typed Answer Speak Text ELL “Type what you hear” ELL

38 + Mastery of the Content Quizlet Quizlet allows the student study key terms and concepts in many different ways Practice Tests Multiple Choice Matching Fill in the blank Scatter matching

39 + Mastery of the Content & Assessment of Understanding!!! Quizlet With the teacher upgrade: Keep track of student understanding Which terms or concepts are commonly missed Keep track who is studying How long What they frequently miss

40 + Mastery of the Content With a video recorder on most smartphones and computers, students can enhance projects and activities with additional options to showcase their understanding of a topic Example: Activity 3.2.2 “Digestive System Design” Human Body Systems

41 + Mastery of the Content With a video recorder you can additional elements to activities to make enhance student interest and excitement Example: Activity 1.2.3 “Bone Detectives”

42 + Apps that I can’t live without! Clipgrab Download YouTube videos onto your computer Prevents videos not playing because of slow internet speeds or blocked YouTube Can upload videos onto the LMS Best of all it’s Free!!!!

43 + Apps that I can’t live without! iMovie Can alter videos/lectures made for students Add pictures or diagrams Voiceover Cool effects iMovie available for Macs and Windows!

44 + Apps that I can’t live without! Remind101 Allows teachers to text students reminders to their cells phones (FREE!!!!) Great for: Test reminders Change in assignments or due dates Reminders to bring or wear certain things One way text Will not have access to your cell phone number Will not have access to student cell phone numbers

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