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High-Level OP Planning

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1 Intro to Enterprise Systems & Operations EGN 5620 Enterprise Systems Configuration Spring, 2015

2 High-Level OP Planning
ECC 6.0 January 2008 Enterprise Operations OP Execution High-Level OP Planning Procurement Process CO/PA Detailed OP Planning Forecasting Sales and Operations Planning Demand Management MPS MRP Execution Sales Information System Manufacturing Execution Warehouse Management Strategy Planning Vision Goals & Objectives Strategy Product Portfolio and Roadmap Sales Process January 2008 © SAP AG - University Alliances and The Rushmore Group, LLC All rights reserved. © SAP AG and The Rushmore Group, LLC 2008

3 Enterprise Systems Functions
Sales planning and operation Procurement Production planning and operation Financial planning & controlling Human resources & performance management Warehouse & distribution Detailed operations planning & execution PDM/PLM Project Management SCM, SRM, and CRM Strategic Management

4 Commercial Enterprise Systems
SAP (Systems, Applications, & Products in Data Processing) #1 Market Share in Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, SRM) Oracle Applications Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel (CRM), Retek (Retail) Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics (ERP & CRM) : Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Soloman Project-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises The Sage Group Sage Software - Accpac ERP (Accounting, CRM), PeachTree Infor Global Solutions of Atlantas BAAN (for mid-range companies) Many Others

5 SAP Company SAP AG World’s Largest Business Software Company
Founded in Walldorf, Germany in 1972 World’s Largest Business Software Company World’s Third-largest Independent Software Provider Over 50,000 employees in more than 50 countries More than 95,000 customers in more than 120 countries Over 100,000 installations Over 12 million users

6 Introduction to Enterprise Systems SAP Implementation

7 SAP ERP Central Component
SAP Business Suite SAP NetWeaver SAP SCM SAP PLM SAP SRM SAP CRM SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)

8 SAP ERP Module Structures

9 ERP & SAP (Solutions) Solutions for large companies
- SAP ERP - SAP CRM - SAP PLM - SAP SCM - SAP SRM - SAP Analytics - SAP Manufacturing - SAP Service - SAP Mobile Solutions - SAP xApps Small & Medium Size Solutions - SAP Business One - SAP Business by Design - AP Business All-in-One Platforms - Enterprise Services Architecture - SAP NetWeaver technology platform

10 ERP & SAP (Industry Solutions)
Aerospace & Defense Automotive Banking Chemicals Consumer Products Defense & Security Engineering, Const. Healthcare High Tech Higher Education Industrial Machinery Insurance Life Sciences Logistics Service Prod. Media Mill Products Mining Oil & Gas Pharmaceuticals Postal Services Professional Services Public Sector Railways Retail Telecommunications Utilities Wholesale Distribution

11 Before ERP systems …

12 Building an integrated organisation
Show that the enterprise system supports the business process through a series of transactions and reports. Notice that in the procurement process 3 transactions are automated by ERPsim (good receipt, post invoice and pay vendor), one is automated in the production process (production confirmation), and 4 are automated in the sales process.

13 R/3 SAP Module View Integrated Solution Client / Server Open Systems
Financial Accounting Sales & Distribution Materials Mgmt. Controlling Production Planning R/3 Fixed Assets Mgmt. Integrated Solution Quality Mgmt. Project System Client / Server Plant Maintenance Open Systems Workflow R: real time. 3: 3-tier client-server architecture (database, application, and presentation layers) Human Resources Industry Solutions


15 SAP Navigation

16 SAP Access Navigation

17 SAP Access through SAPGUI SAPGUI Download
The latest SAP GUI release posted on Chico web server User = sap; Password = sapgui4me. This GUI works on Windows 7 and 8 systems

18 SAP Access through SAPGUI

19 SAP IDES Client, Userid, Password
SAP Exercises: Lab 0: Navigation. Description: GLASGOW IDES Spring 2015 Application server: Instance number: 44 System ID: GLA Client: 100 Userid: ides-101 to ides-130 Initial password: SAP4US

20 SAPGUI Setup for IDES

21 SAP GBI Client, Userid, Password
SAP Exercises for Lab 1 to Lab 11: Description: PRAGUE GBI SCC Spring 2015 Application server: Instance number: 23 System ID: PRA Client: 320 Userid: gbi-101 to bpi-130 Initial password: SAP4US

22 SAPGUI Setup for IDES

23 Standard Features of Navigation
Logging On and Off Screen Features Working with Sessions Entering Data On-line Help and System Messages Setting User Defaults

24 User Enter the name of the SAP user. Users of SAP system are client-specific, which means that having a user identification on one client will only allow access to that particular client.

25 Password Rules Letters Numbers Easy to remember 3-8 Characters long
No 3 Characters can be the same Do not start with a ? or an ! Do not use previous 5 passwords

26 Language SAP supports multi-national character sets and languages on the same system, at the same time. Default languages are English

27 Easy Access Outline Structure

28 Screen Features Title Bar Menu Bar Application Toolbar Entry Fields
Status Bar

29 Application Tool-bar Enter icon Back button Exit button Cancel button
Print button Find/Expand icons Scroll icons Create a new session Create a desktop shortcut Help icon Command field Save icon Application Tool-bar

30 SAP Easy Access Menu Using menus Using transaction codes
System > Status Using /n (end current transaction) Using /i (end the current session) Using /o (create a new session) Working with multiple sessions

31 Sessions An SAP session is a window in which the user may perform a particular task. A User may have up to six sessions open at one time.

32 System Messages E - Error an invalid entry has been made. The cursor moves to the field where the error has occurred. W -Warning, indicates a possible error. The user can continue without changing.

33 System Messages I - Information
A- Abnormal End, indicating serious system error. Contact system personnel.

34 Logging Off Menu Path: System> Logoff Exit button Control Box
For security purposes it is important to log off SAP at the end of the day or whenever you leave your PC. Your username is linked with every transaction you perform to provide an audit trail. When reviewing transactions or running reports the user name of the person responsible for entering or maintaining system information is displayed.

35 Name SAP ID Password Chintalapati,Sashidhar ides-101 SAP4US Dehni MD,Bashar Radwan ides-102 Figueroa,Erick Jesus ides-103 Gutierrez,Maria Milagros ides-104 Nukala,Savitha ides-105 Ramirez,Jorge ides-106 Vargas Camargo,Ricardo Antonio ides-107 Zhan,Ruan ides-108 Gu,Xingshuo ides-109 He,Linman ides-110 Hu,Bing ides-111 Huang,Jie ides-112 Li,Xue ides-113 Song,Yiyang ides-114 Tan,Xiao ides-115 Wu,Yue ides-116 Xu,Huibingjue ides-117 Xu,Yali ides-118 Yang,Yuping ides-119 Zhang,Bofan ides-120 Zhang,Yu ides-121

36 Lab 0 Exercises : (due date – 1/26/2015)
What is the transaction code for menu path: Logistics Sales and DistributionSalesOrderDisplay. What is the transaction title corresponding to MMBE? By using HELP function provided by SAP, find out what is the definition of Sales order. Find the inventory of material in the plant. How much of the material “Deluxe Taillight INT” is in stock ? What is the material number for the “MSI 1200 Motorcycle”? What is the total amount owed to the vendor 1000? Use search item to find the information for customer “COMPU”.

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