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The Necklace By Guy de Maupassant.

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1 The Necklace By Guy de Maupassant


3 Time and Place Paris, France During the late 1800s

4 Background Info In late 1800s, society in Paris had a rigid class structure. Aristocrats were at the top of the social ladder. They had wealth, large estates, and many servants.

5 Background Info Below the aristocrats was the middle class. These consisted of merchants, clerks, government workers, and others. Middle class families generally lived in modest homes or apartments and could afford to hire a servant or two. They were not starving or poor, however they did have a lot less money and social stature as the aristocrats. MIDDLE-CLASS WOMEN DID NOT WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME. ONLY MEN WORKED.

6 Background info Below the middle class, there was a huge number of peasants and servants who worked for the rich or farmed the land. People would try to own material goods to make themselves look higher in society than they were. Both men and women in the lowest class worked hard labor with long hours for the rich.

7 Connecting to the story
In “The Necklace,” a character wishes she owned something far more costly than she can afford. Write three reasons why a person might want to have expensive things. Use at least three of these words: obtain, impress, exceed, and identify.

8 Guy de maupassant Wrote short stories that are realistic and pessimistic. Often have surprise endings. “The Necklace” is perhaps his most widely read story. He was interested in the psychology of his characters.

9 M. = Monsieur = Mr. Mme. = Madame = Mrs. Mini French Lesson
So, a M. would be married to a Mme.

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