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Social Studies Warm-Ups

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1 Social Studies Warm-Ups

2 What do I need to know about Social Studies warm-ups?
You will have a warm-up every day. At the beginning of every week, we will glue in a weekly warm-up sheet to our interactive notebooks. You must write at least three sentences every day. You do not have to write the question. If you are absent, you must write “absent” and have the teacher initial or you will lose credit for that day. These will be checked for a grade at the end of every week.

3 Tuesday, August 27th Quickly glue in your weekly warm-up sheet to your Interactive Notebook. Write “N/A” in the block for Monday since we did not do a warm-up yesterday. How would you define the word THEME? There are 5 THEMES of Social Studies. What do you think they might be? Remember to write at least three sentences!

4 Wednesday, August 28th Today’s warm-up: A physical feature is a landform like a mountain or ocean. What physical features exist close to where you live?

5 Thursday, August 29th How do you think physical features (landforms) affect WHY people choose to live where they live? For example, WHY might someone choose to live near a river (think basic survival needs, not things like “because rivers are pretty”)

6 Friday, August 30th We talked about the five themes of Social Studies. Geography was one of the five themes. There are also five themes of geography. What do you think some of these might be? Explain!!!

7 Monday, September 1st If you could live ANYWHERE in the world, where would you live? Explain why you would live there.

8 Tuesday, September 2nd Give an example of relative location and an example of absolute location.

9 Wednesday, September 3rd
What do you think of when you think of an artifact? Give two examples of artifacts.

10 Thursday, September 4th If you could create your own civilization with no rules (or only the rules you chose), what would it be like?

11 Friday, September 5th As you are working with your group to create a civilization, what ideas have you contributed? What is your favorite aspect (part) of the civilization that you have created? Answer both!

12 Monday, September 8th We have been creating our own civilizations in class. Would you want to live in the civilization you created? Give one reason why you would and one reason why you would not.

13 Tuesday, September 9th Describe what you think life was like for the earliest humans. Remember to write three COMPLETE sentences.

14 Wednesday, September 10th
Imagine that you are an “early human”. You can pick one tool (from that time period). What tool would you choose?

15 Thursday, September 11 Today is the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on What do you know about the terrorist attacks?

16 Friday, September 12th Yesterday we talked about the Paleolithic Era and how there were no real “social classes”. Describe the social classes in OUR society today in the United States.

17 Monday, September 15 Glue your warm up sheet into your notebook and add it to the table of contents. How were the lives of early humans made easier with the ability to make and control fire? What do we use fire for today?

18 Tuesday, September 16th Yesterday we talked about the Paleolithic Era and the Neolithic Era. How were they different? Remember to write three complete sentences!

19 Wednesday, September 17th
Choose three of your vocabulary words (choose the ones that you think are the hardest) and use them in a sentence.

20 Thursday, September 18th Think about all the things we have today that early humans did NOT have. If you had to go back in time and be an “early human”, what thing would be hardest for you to live without?

21 Friday, September 19th Today in your clan group activity you are going to come up with a list of “rules” for your clan. List a couple rules that you think are important for your clan to follow.

22 Monday, September 22nd What did your group include in your map?
Why did you include these things? Don’t forget to write three complete sentences!!

23 Tuesday, September 23rd Do # 1 for today’s warm up.

24 Wednesday, September 24th
Do #2 for today’s warm up.

25 Thursday, September 25th Tomorrow is our first Social Studies test. What are three ways that you could study? List three different ways in three different sentences.

26 Friday, September 26th What do you think is the most important thing about the Paleolithic Era? What do you think is the most important thing about the Neolithic Era? What do you think is most important about the “Stone Age” (Old & New)?

27 Monday, September 29th Today we are going to start our unit on Mesopotamia, one of the first actual civilizations. In order to have a civilization, what things do you think people would have to settle near in order to survive?

28 Tuesday, September 30th For the warm up today, draw and color the pictures on your vocabulary frayer charts from yesterday. On the warm-up sheet, write “drew pictures for vocab words”.

29 Wednesday, October 1st What are the five characteristics of a civilization? List them and give one DETAIL for each.

30 Thursday, October 2nd From what little you know about Mesopotamia, how do you THINK it was different than the hunter-gatherer clans from the Paleolithic Era? Remember to write three complete sentences!

31 Friday, October 3rd Write three sentences using three vocab words.

32 Monday, October 6th On Friday we read about the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and how they both helped and hurt Mesopotamian farmers. How did the floods HELP Mesopotamian farmers? How did the floods HURT Mesopotamian farmers?

33 Tuesday, October 7th The first government structure in Mesopotamia was a small group of leaders with one chief leader. Explain why you think that this did not work in two sentences. What kind of government did they end up with?

34 Wednesday, October 8th Describe the Code of Hammurabi.
Do you agree with his laws? Why or why not?

35 Thursday, October 9th Last night for homework, you compared Hammurabi’s code to the modern laws we have in our country today. After doing this, which system do YOU think is better? Why?

36 Friday, October 10th ***After watching the skits about Hammurabi’s Code yesterday, which one was your favorite? (You can’t pick your own) ***Why was this one your favorite? ***Give a GOOD reason, other than “it was funny”.

37 Monday, October 13th *** We talked about three inventions from Mesopotamia on Friday. ***Of the three inventions that we talked about, which do you think was MOST important? ***Why?

38 Tuesday, October 14th ***Think of three MODERN inventions that we use today. ***How would your life be different if these three things did not exist?

39 Wednesday, October 15th ***Yesterday we talked about how the Akkadian Empire was the world’s FIRST empire. ***What is the difference between an empire and city-states? ***Which do you think would be better? Why?

40 Thursday, October 16th ***What was the first MONOTHEISTIC religion? ***How was it different from the POLYTHEISTIC religions of the time? ***What two other monotheistic religions came after (or “sprang up from”) the first one?

41 Friday, October 17th ***After talking about Judaism, name two things that you found MOST interesting. ***What is one question that you have?

42 Monday, October 20th ***Jews typically do not try to convert people (convince people to become Jewish). ***WHY do you think they don’t do this?

43 Tuesday, October 21st ***How are Jews different from people who practice other religions? ***Write three complete sentences!!

44 Wednesday, October 22nd ***Did you enjoy reading the Epic of Gilgamesh yesterday? ***Why or why not?

45 Thursday, October 23rd ***Tell something about Mesopotamia from each category. *Religion: *Government: *Economics: (think about artisans and traders) *Culture: *Geography:

46 Friday, October 24th ***What was the most interesting thing you learned about Mesopotamia? ***What was the least interesting thing you learned about Mesopotamia? ***Are there any questions about Mesopotamia that you have?

47 Monday, October 27th Today we are starting our unit on Ancient Egypt!
What is ONE thing you already know about Ancient Egypt? What are TWO things you would LIKE to know about Ancient Egypt?

48 Tuesday, October 28th What is one thing that you learned about the Nile River yesterday? Was there anything in the video that you already knew? What did you find MOST interesting in the video? **If you were not here and did not see the video, what do you already know about the Nile River? ***What would you LIKE to know?

49 Wednesday, October 29th Of the vocabulary words that we learned yesterday, which one are you MOST excited to learn about and why? Remember to write three complete sentences!

50 Thursday, October 30th Explain what each of the five themes of social studies MEANS in your own words. Religion: Economics: Culture: Geography: Politics/Government: They do not have to be complete sentences.

51 End of First Quarter

52 Monday, November 3rd Think about the land where the Mesopotamian people settled. What would the people of Egypt need to settle near? Write THREE complete sentences!

53 Tuesday, November 4th What were some of the things the Egyptians used the Nile River for? HOW did they use it for farming? Remember to write three complete sentences!

54 Wednesday, November 5th What does it mean if something is “isolated”?
Egypt was isolated by natural barriers on all sides. What were these barriers? How could being isolated be a good thing?

55 Thursday, November 6th No warm up today!
Write “field trip” in Friday’s box. Turn your notebook in to Mrs. Harmon’s computer desk. Use the next ten minutes to study for your vocab quiz!

56 Friday, November 7th Field Trip to Black Dog Athletics!!

57 Monday, November 10th Add the Weekly Warm Up sheet to your Table of Contents and label it #12 What were the two large kingdoms of Egypt? Where was each one located? Three complete sentences!

58 Tuesday, November 11th Veteran’s Day- No School!

59 Wednesday, November 12th In three complete sentences, explain the difference between APPOINTED and ELECTED. Double check that you have the warm up number, “week of”, and page number on your warm up sheet… I am taking points off if these things are not there this week!

60 Thursday, November 13th After reading about several different Pharaohs from Ancient Egypt yesterday, which one were you most interested in? Explain why!!

61 Friday, November 14th Three complete sentences!
Today we are going to talk about the process of Mummification! Why do you THINK the Egyptians might have mummified Pharaohs and other “elite” members of their society? Three complete sentences!

62 Monday, November 17th Who did the Ancient Egyptians believe could have an afterlife? What were they trying to prevent by mummifying their Pharaohs? What kind of religion did they practice?

63 Tuesday, November 18th In three complete sentences, explain why the Nile River was important to the Ancient Egyptians. How do you think their lives would have been different without it?

64 Wednesday, November 19 After learning about important rulers from Egypt, which one do you think you would like to do your project on? Why? Make sure you have three complete sentences… do not start a sentence with “because”.`

65 Thursday, November 20th Why was living near the Nile River a good thing? Why was the FLOODING of the Nile River a good thing?

66 Friday, November 21st How is a bureaucracy different from a monarchy?
Does the United States have either of these types of government? Remember to write three COMPLETE sentences. Make sure you have the “week of 11/17”, #13, and the page # at the bottom!!

67 Monday, December 1st Glue your warm-up sheet into your notebook and label it “Week of 12/1” and #14 While working on the project about Egyptian Pharaohs, what are three things that you learned about your Pharaoh that you didn’t know before? Write three complete sentences! If you were absent, what are three things you would LIKE to learn about your group’s Pharaoh?

68 Tuesday, December 2nd Today we are going to start Ancient Greece!
In three complete sentences, what are things that you know or would like to learn about Ancient Greece.

69 Wednesday, December 3rd What is the difference between a CITIZEN and someone who lives in a country but is NOT a citizen? Look at the definition of citizen if you need help. Remember to write three complete sentences!

70 Thursday, December 4th After doing the map of Ancient Greece yesterday, what do you notice that is different about the geography of Ancient Greece and the geography of Ancient Egypt. Do you notice anything that is the same? If you were absent yesterday, get my initials and use this time to do your map.

71 Friday, December 5th Why would trade and interaction with other areas be a good thing for the Greeks? What was a result of the Greek city-states being separated from each other? Make sure you have three complete sentences for every day, the week #, “Week of 12/1”, and the page number at the bottom!!

72 Monday, December 8th Write ‘Week of 12/8”, “#15”, and add the warm-up sheet to your table of contents. It should be page 48. Make sure that you label it “48” at the bottom! Since Greece had very little fertile soil, most people made a living by doing what things? The people who did farm came up with what technique to be able to use the small amount of land they had?

73 Tuesday, December 8th Yesterday we talked about four different types of government; Oligarchy, Tyranny, Monarchy, and Democracy. In three complete sentences, explain which one YOU think is best and WHY!

74 Wednesday, December 10th Yesterday we learned about Sparta. In three complete sentences, EXPLAIN what you found most interesting.

75 Monday, December 15th Add the warm-up sheet to your table of contents as p. 53 Label it “Week of 12/15/14” and #16 Don’t forget to write the page number at the bottom of the page! On Thursday you learned about Athens. In three complete sentences, what are the differences in Athens and Sparta?

76 Tuesday, December 16th Yesterday we talked about the DIFFERENCES between Sparta and Athens. What were some of the SIMILARITIES?

77 Wednesday, December 17th Imagine that you have the opportunity to travel back in time and visit either Athens or Sparta. Which would you visit and WHY? Remember to write three complete sentences!!

78 Thursday, December 18th As you are writing your travel brochure, what do you think it would be MOST important for someone to know if they were going to travel back in time to visit? Why do you think this is most important?

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