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Your New Best Friend! The Interactive Science Notebook Unlocking Science Success Alleghany High School Earth and Environmental Science Fall 2014 Ms. Greene.

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1 Your New Best Friend! The Interactive Science Notebook Unlocking Science Success Alleghany High School Earth and Environmental Science Fall 2014 Ms. Greene



4 Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) - Your own personalized DIARY of learning about science -A portfolio of your work in ONE convenient spot. This is great for studying for upcoming quizzes & tests -A great ORGANIZATIONAL tool that gives you permission to be PLAYFUL AND CREATIVE in your responses without "messing up" your notes. -Allows you to work like a REAL SCIENTIST !

5  A student thinking tool  An organizer for inquiry questions and what I learned…  A way to access and process the learning utilizing various modalities (writing, drawing, and discussion)  A place for writing rough drafts based on hands-on learning  A formative assessment tool for teachers

6 Interactive Science Notebook( ISN) Guidelines ISN’s will increase your understanding of science by: using writing as a process for discovery and synthesis of inquiry. modeling many enduring functions of scientists – recording information, data, and experimental diagrams. improving your ability to organize ideas and information to provide a study reference for each unit, as well as a resource to consult for review for tests, and even in high school as you sequence into Earth Science, Chemistry, Ecology, Biology, and Physics demonstrating to your teacher and parents your developing organizational skills, understanding of science concepts and ability to express thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways deepening the science skills acquired in prior years by application to 9th grade science

7 “In a nutshell”... What is the rationale for using interactive science notebooks?  Improve organization skills  Improve critical thinking skills  Express understanding creatively  Record data  Study for tests  Record progress  Communication Notebooks help us learn!

8 Impact of Hands-on Science & Science Notebooks on Student Achievement Research shows that student understanding and literacy skills improve when students do hands-on minds-on science and use science notebooks to make sense of their science investigations.

9 The Interactive science notebook is an effective teaching strategy because it turns student notebooks into meaningful and personalized records of learning. Think as a scientist… record as a scientist… and reflect as a scientist!


11 Required Materials : 2 composition notebooks Handouts and other teacher provided pages may be glued or clear taped in place so that both sides of each sheet are visible at all times. It is important for you to have your own glue stick at all times. Only certain pages will be glued in and the teacher will instruct the student of which ones. Organized in the same manner: right side for input (lecture notes, worksheets and informal labs) and the left side for output (drawings and reflections) Each student will have the same thing on the right side pages of their notebooks

12 Left Side? Right Side? What Goes Where? Left Side Student Output Lots of Color The brain remembers things in color better.  Concept Maps  Drawings  Reflective Writing  Questions  Data and Graphs  Songs  Poems  Data from Experiments  Cartoons or cartoon strips  Foldables Right Side Teacher Input/Content Blue or Black Ink/pencil  Information given in class  Lecture Notes  Informal Lab Activities  Video Notes  Summaries  Textbook Notes  Procedures for experiments  Classroom Specific Information

13 . The Right Side is for input. This is the side that holds information that I give you.  The Left Side is for output and contains only your reflections about what you have learned. It should be full of color, and it’s the side where you can get creative. To review…the notebook is divided into TWO sections.

14  A running list of the work completed in the ISN will be posted on my website  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to copy missed notes into your ISN and be sure that they do the proper reflection for that assignment  1 announced and 1 unannounced notebook check per unit  Bring your ISN with you EVERY SINGLE DAY!

15 Step 1: Notebook pages should be numbered consecutively with L and R used for each number; each page titled, dated and learning goal added. 1 R1 L2 R2 L1 Date Title Date/ LG Title Date Title Date/LG Title

16 The notebook is divided into TWO sections. LEFT side “loves ” STUDENT work = OUTPUT RIGHT side is “restricted” to TEACHER INPUT WARMUP #1 Fill in the missing word. Decomposer Producer Consumer Plants are ____. Lions, tigers, and bears are ____. Worms and mushrooms are____ OUTPUT (your interpretation) INPUT (notes from teacher)

17  The RIGHT SIDE should contain information given from Ms. Greene while we are learning new material. Nothing else should be placed on this page!  The RIGHT SIDE contains all the TESTABLE material.

18  Teacher guided PowerPoint notes  Movie/Video  Article Readings  Textbook  Handouts

19  The LEFT SIDE belongs to you.  Let your CREATIVITY go wild!  The LEFT side loves color.

20 The day’s activity is placed on the LEFT or OUTPUT side of the notebook. This section acts as a reinforcement and processing for the RIGHT or LEARNING side.

21  Graphic Organizers Diagrams/Visual Illustrations  Poems, Song Lyrics Cartoons/Comics  Lab Analysis Advertisements  Brainstorming Mind maps  Concept maps Venn diagrams  Pictures Drawings  Diagrams Writing prompts  Flow charts Homework Songs  Open ended worksheets Self reflections  Labs Quizzes, tests  Mnemonic device Foldables  Vocab. Cartoons Charts & graphs  Write a newspaper article about notes  Write a letter or postcard from a famous scientist YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT TO BE










31 Example of Video Response

32 How will my notebook be graded? GRADING  1 announced and 1 unannounced notebook check each unit  Notebooks will be graded on organization, accuracy, creativity and presentation.  An important part of your notebook is its visual appearance. Your notebook should be neat! Your personal learning style should be visible throughout.  Note: Grading will not be all or nothing, but if you only partially complete an assignment or it’s of poor quality, you won’t be given full credit.

33 Grading Rubric Organization UNIT TITLE AND TABLE OF CONTENTS WORK IN IN ORDER Accuracy “ RIGHT SIDE” is ACCURATE “LEFT SIDE” REFLECTION contributes to a better understanding WRITING is in PEN/PENCIL with DRAWINGS in COLOR Pride in Presentation COMPLETE LEGIBLE Pages are NUMBERED and include DATES Learning Goal is posted

34 Science Notebook Setup

35 colored pencils Pens & pencils NO MARKERS! Composition Notebook Highlighters Scissors Tape

36  The name of the course:  Earth and Environmental Science  The words: Interactive Science Notebook  The class period that you have science:  B1, for example  The school year: 2014-2015  Your teacher: Ms. Greene  Your name: (self explanatory) Period ____ 2012-2013 Ms Abrams My Namee 8 th Grade Physical Science

37 INTERACTIVE SCIENCE NOTEBOOK Earth and Environmental Science Period ______ 2014-2015 Ms. Greene YOUR NAME

38 We Are READY!

39 Let’s get started! Get our your ISN. 1.Number ALL Pages in your ISN Example R1, L1 R2, L2, R3, L3

40 Create a Cover Page On Page 1 of your ISN, you will create a cover page. A new cover page will be completed for each unit. Cover Page Title: Unit 1: Scientific Method & Astronomy You may CREATE and COLOR your cover page now. You have 10 minutes.

41 Unit Title PageLeft-Side ItemsRight-Side Items Make a TOC on Pages 2- 6

42 What do I do if I am absent?  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the assignments from a the website and from the “absent folders”.  Staying current with all entries is vital to your success this year in science.

43  Make sure your “LEFT SIDE” page entries are helping you to understand the concepts presented in class  Follow the other RUBRIC guidelines  BE COLORFUL & LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOK

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