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The Archways basis.point programme Delivering Incredible Years ® in Dublin’s Inner City 24 February, 2015.

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1 The Archways basis.point programme Delivering Incredible Years ® in Dublin’s Inner City 24 February, 2015

2 Issues being addressed 2 Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties have a significant negative impact on educational attainment These behaviours are triggered by an inability to regulate emotional responses This pattern predicts a range of school difficulties including early school refusal, poor task engagement and ultimately school failure and drop out. The incidence of these behaviours is increasing significantly It is estimated that up to 25% of children in disadvantaged areas are affected Behaviours are occurring earlier and with greater levels of frequency and intensity If left untreated these behaviours can seriously impact on the life chances and outcomes of the individual

3 Incredible Years ® - What is it? 3 Incredible Years ® was developed in the US and has been rigorously evaluated over the last 30 years. It is currently being used with success in the UK, US, Canada, Norway and NZ and others (Denmark, Portugal, Palestine) Independent research results show a proven capacity to bring about positive change in the behaviour of young children. It uses videos, role play, modelling and group discussions to help participants rehearse and practice positive approaches to address behavioural issues. The Incredible Years ® (IY) Programme is a prevention and early intervention programme for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

4 Incredible Years ® - A programme that makes a difference 4 The IY parent programme reduced conduct disorder and hyperactivity in 71% of children and improvements were sustained over the following twelve months Substantial benefits for parents were demonstrated including improved coping skills and belief in their parental competency Teachers reported significantly improved child adjustment within the classroom Relationships with pupils were strengthened resulting in positive teacher-pupil relationships Evaluation has shown that for every €1 spent, €4 euro can be saved in health/special education/social service use.

5 Background on Archways Archways identifies, evaluates and delivers proven programmes to address these needs Archways delivery of IY has been independently evaluated by National University of Ireland Maynooth as being effective and good value for money. Archways also provides information, training and support to other organisations to implement these programmes Evaluations are completed on all programme outcomes and programme fit to Irish context Archways is supporting the delivery of the Incredible Years® programme in Clondalkin and Ballymun. Outside of Dublin they are supporting the implementation of the programme in Tipperary, Cork, Louth and West Belfast. 5 Archways is an Irish registered charity established in 2006. It provides evidence based programmes for children and families who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

6 The Archways basis.point programme Archways will liaise with schools and community organisations in the Dublin inner city area to establish what would best match their local needs. Based on this, a suite of conjoined Incredible Years ® Teacher Classroom Management and Tailored Incredible Years ® Group Leader Training will be offered to up-skill local community organisations to deliver parenting provision, and to train teachers in proactive classroom management skills. Utilising this approach over a two year period: 6 36 teachers within the area will be trained in proactive classroom management skills benefiting some 900 children 32 local agency facilitators will be trained to deliver the parent programme enabling conservatively 192 parents from the school catchment to avail of the parenting provision Funding €43,000 over a two year period

7 Aims of the programme Training is delivered in weekly 2.5 hour sessions over a period of 14 to 20 weeks 7 Positive communication i.e. praise rather than criticism Improve the skills and strategies of PARENTS by developing: Limit Setting Problem solving Anger Management Improve the skills and strategies of TEACHERS by developing: Classroom management strategies Promoting children’s pro-social behaviour Reducing classroom aggression Reducing non-cooperative behaviour with peers and teachers Training is delivered in 6, one day workshops at 3 or 4 week intervals

8 Feedback from parents: 8 “My youngest child was being assessed for a behaviour problem and since doing the course the doctors have seen a big change in him’’ “I found from all of the weeks I attended (it) was very important for me and my child to be more aware of her feelings even though she is small you always need to praise. It does work.” “We are seeing more sides of him… he can be very funny whereas before the course the only time we were giving our attention… it was ‘Stop stop.. we’ll be with you in a minute’’

9 Feedback from teachers “Incredible Years ® has given me many strategies for dealing with behavioural issues in the classroom. Its emphasis on positive reinforcement enables the teacher to deal effectively with behaviour transgressions. The programme reinforces good behaviour that is expected and makes for a more positive learning environment.” 9 “Incredible Years ® has changed my way of teaching for the better… it complements your teaching... I would strongly recommend IY to all teachers. I feel from using IY approaches in my class there is definitely a kinder, more respectful attitude in the classroom.”

10 Contact us Follow us @basispointIRE LinkedIN: basis.point 10 Basispoint Limited, Taney Hall, Eglinton Terrace, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland. basis.point is a registered charity. Number: CHY 21121.

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