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Youth Employment Fund Republic of Serbia

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1 Youth Employment Fund Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Assistant Minister, Mrs Ljiljana Dzuver Skopje, 16 April 2015

2 Labour Market in Serbia
LMI (15-64) IV Q 2014. LMI (15–24) IV Q 2014 Activity rate 61.2% 27.2% Employment rate 50.4% 15.8% Unemployment rate 17.6% 41.9% Inactivity rate 38.8% 72.8%

3 The Joint Program “Support to the national efforts in promotion of youth employment and management of migration” May 2009 – May 2012 Implementing Agencies: IOM, ILO, UNICEF, UNDP National implementing partners: Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, NES, RSO, Commissariat for refugees, social partners Funding: US$ - Spanish MDG Fund and GoS Beneficiaries: Disadvantaged youth in 52 municipalities (5 regions)

4 3 main levels of intervention: Policy level Institutional level
The Joint Program “Support to the national efforts in promotion of youth employment and management of migration” Aim: to improve the overall socio-economic position of youth, with special focus on increasing their participation in the labour market, activation (primarily the disadvantaged youth), development of migration policy and management of youth migration, with the overall goal of sustainable human capital development. 3 main levels of intervention: Policy level Institutional level Programme level

5 Youth Employment Fund Aim: to increase the employability of youth through their participation in active labour market measures package Financial support in training, employment or self-employment for 3000 unemployed youth Total Budget – 3,8 million US$ (state budget contribution 1,9 million US$)

6 Youth Employment Fund Target group – unemployed youth (15-30) with low level of qualifications registered as unemployed with NES – min. 3 months Priority – PWDs, Roma, returnees, IDPs, beneficiaries of social welfare and services of centres for social work

7 Youth Employment Fund Active labour market measures
Training – institution-based training and on-the-job training Employment – work training programme, work trial programme, employment subsidy programme Self-employment subsidy NES role – tailor made approach in the process of counselling and selection of the unemployed and employers for the participation in the ALMM

8 Youth Employment Fund - Results
2.837 disadvantaged youth trained and employed through YEF (15-30 years old, with low level of education). Training Employment subsidy programs 635 Self-employment subsidy Roma – 15%, PWD – 6%, Social welfare beneficiaries – 8%

9 Youth Employment Fund Lessons learned:
Strong ownership and support by the national partners of crucial importance Necessity to establish strong links between planning, statistical database, development and intervention/measures Good targeting, piloting new measures Innovative programme design

10 Youth employment programs in Serbia
First Chance program Professional Practice program Practice work for non-qualified Youth Employment package

11 Participation of youth in ALMPs
ALMM in 2014 Youth up to 30 Total Women AJS1 19.416 9.908 AJS2 567 409 Job clubs 2.372 1.464 Job fairs 17.849 9.021 Training for entrepreneurs 3.032 1.377 Professional practice programme 29 17 LM training 540 232 Training for specific employer 1 Functional primary education for adults 682 310 Self-employment subsidies 167 77 Job creation subsidies 23 12 Public works 462 177 Wage subsidies for PWD without work experience 41 10 Support measures for PWD 3 2 T O T A L 45.184 23.016

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