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Enrollment Management May 20, 2014. WVMCCD Responsive to Student Needs Unique among the vast majority of community colleges because our faculty, the individuals.

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1 Enrollment Management May 20, 2014

2 WVMCCD Responsive to Student Needs Unique among the vast majority of community colleges because our faculty, the individuals who have the most contact with our students, are at the heart of our scheduling process.

3 Enrollment Management: Starts with the Curriculum We offer the quality courses our students want and need to meet their goals of degrees, certificates, CTE, transfer, basic skills or life-long learning

4 Curriculum Review Committee Curriculum Proposals Processed, 2013-14 New Credit Courses 105 Credit Course Revisions 84 New Noncredit Courses 9 Course Inactivations (archives/deletes) 197 New Programs 7 Program Revisions 26 TOTAL PROPOSALS PROCESSED (includes proposal types not shown above) 634

5 Example of Curriculum Improvement VN/PT Program Realignment Problem:  Two separate programs with related curriculum  Regulated low student-teacher ratios for clinical sections  Low efficiency = expensive Solution:  32 new courses developed to realign programs  Innovative program design to improve efficiency (Shared lecture content)

6 Schedule Production During the 13-14 Academic Year, Mission College has examined and improved our schedule production processes

7 Schedule Development Process The traditional process had several limitations and weaknesses.  Misaligned with college peak periods and other processes  Lacked simplicity and quality assurance and controls  Released and published late in the semester

8 Schedule Development Process A schedule development team was formed in F13 to develop and test enhancements.  Aligned and optimized the workflow and integrated it with other college processes/timelines  Streamlined and simplified the process, procedures and tools  Collaborated with IS to expedite the technical side and modify report formats  Evaluated the changes

9 Schedule Development Process A new and improved process has been implemented.  Process is initiated one year in advance with a workflow optimized for managing faculty/staff effort  Schedule will be published ahead of most other Bay Area colleges  Quality assurance and control measures are integrated into the process and centralized  Class section data is available in advance for enhanced college planning, enrollment management, and reporting

10 Former Process > Initiate Spring Schedule Dev Semester start Spring Schedule Draft Complete Time for quality assurance/control Tight Timeline No quality assurance/control Launch Schedule Quality Data Available Data corrections complete For planning, EM, reporting > Initiate Spring Schedule Dev Time to prep rollout Launch Schedule Right before registration opens Data Corrections After registration & semester opens Department Planning ↑ time for departments to plan the Spring schedule details WORKFLOW COMPETITIVENESS DATA Initiate Fall Schedule Semester start Key Data Not available/accurate for planning & reports Summer Data Entry Resources dedicated to building schedule during less busy time New Process Ahead of other schools

11 Data Data is used to drive the scheduling decisions at Mission College

12 Data Enhanced the use of data in college discussions and decisions in 13 - 14  Working with IS, we made enrollment data more readily available to faculty, administrators and staff  Provided training and guided discussion on data and data trends

13 Data Used data from student surveys (F 13) for a more student-centered schedule  Adjusted room and class scheduling based on analysis of section capacity, fill rates and room usage  Provided guidance on class scheduling and implemented earlier evening class start time based on results of student survey  Used data to shift summer classes to later start dates to accommodate students from local HS and 4-year colleges

14 Monitoring Student Enrollment We pay attention to student enrollment during the registration period to identify potential opportunities for courses we need to add or cancel.

15 Monitoring Enrollment Reports  Regularly monitor :  Enrollment detail  Capacity  Fill rate  Wait lists Working with IS and WVC to further develop enrollment reports to allow better enrollment tracking, identify trends

16 Wait Lists We examine wait lists during student registration:  Examined throughout the registration process  The first ones that pop up:  High demand Courses Popular/Preferred Instructors Popular/Preferred Class Times Expensive and Specialized Lab Courses (e.g., Science)

17 Wait Lists As registration continues, more opportunities arise  What we look for:  Opportunities to add additional sections based on student demand Particularly easy to do with DE sections Identify additional classrooms or alternative class times Identify additional instructors, although there can be challenges in finding qualified faculty in cutting edge programs such as computer applications or graphic design  Enrollment and waitlist trends are used to inform future schedule development

18 Future Plans In progress  Started work on long-range, integrated course planning  Mapping the course offerings for the most popular degrees and certificates to make sure we are offering the courses when and how students need them to complete in a timely manner.  Designing a 3-year course planning process working with Student Services  Designing a student survey to inform decisions on our Distance Education courses  Exploring options to mitigate the impact of traffic from the Levi’s Stadium on our Evening Courses (particularly on event nights)

19 Thank You! Enrollment Management Team: Mission College Faculty Department Chairs Division Chairs Division SOC’s Aileen De Guzman Danny Nguyen Tim Karas Mina Jahan Leandra Martin

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