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30-Minute Power Listing Presentation

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1 30-Minute Power Listing Presentation
Session 13 30-Minute Power Listing Presentation

2 Presenters Tony DiCello Dianna Kokoszka Austin, TX MAPS Director
VP of MAPS A copy of this presentation is available for download at

3 Purpose Learn what to say, and when to say it, to nail down listings quickly in this buyer’s market.

4 Preparing for Your Presentation
Prequalify your appointment. Look for sellers that “have to” sell, not “want to” sell. Learn about the sellers. Motivations Objections Competition they will interview

5 Prelisting Package Keys
Your value proposition Sellers rank their concerns Testimonials about agent

6 Prelisting Package Do Not's
Do not present your marketing plan. Do not include puffery. Do not include features not a benefit to the client.

7 Market Statistics and Graphs
Know your statistics. Graph the information.



10 Prequalifying Script Ask questions. Be prepared.

11 Prequalifying Script (continued)
Where are you moving to? When do you need to be there? Why are you moving? What price do you realistically want to list for? What do you owe on your home, 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Are your payments current? Have you thought of selling for sale by owner? What would happen if your home doesn’t sell?

12 Prequalifying Script (continued)
What are you looking for in a Realtor to sell your home? Please tell me about your home: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the garage, etc. How would you rate your home on a scale of 1–10, 10 being great. What would make it a 10, please explain. Should I talk to any other decision makers? Do you have any questions of me?

13 Making Your Listing Presentation
Show 100% focus. Learn verbatim.

14 14-Step Marketing Plan for Listings
1. Staging and Pricing Strategies 2. For Sale Sign, Rider Signs, and Directional Signs 3. Tube or Box with Fliers and Distribution of Fliers in Neighborhood 4. Fliers in House/Home Book/Comment Cards 5. MLS 6. Web Listings with Virtual Tour (Strategic Placement) 7. House Featured in "Marketing Vehicle" (Calendar, etc.) 8. Open House Program 9. /Fax/Voice Broadcast 10. Track Showings/Collect Feedback 11. Target Marketing 12. Weekly Seller Updates 13. Property Caravans 14. Creative Marketing Ideas (10K, Cable, etc.)

15 Listing Presentation 30 minutes to complete Question based

16 Pricing the Property–Useful Phrases
NAR tracks statistics and states that 10 showings, no offers, or 2 weeks without a showing means the home is overpriced. I don’t make the market, I only interpret it. Don’t kill the messenger. I am only delivering the message the market is stating. Anytime you feel uncomfortable then you know I am telling you the truth. You do want a Realtor to be honest, don’t you?

17 Points to Remember About Pricing
If you want your business to run smoothly and not have properties sit on the market, price them right. Complete a monthly market study. So you always know how many homes are on the market and how many sold last month. If you want to know every price range on the market, a complete market study should be used. Show how many properties are on the market in that price range and how many sold and what the absorption rate is. When we are pricing property, we tend to talk too much—keep it short.

18 Points to Remember About Pricing (continued)
In order to get the home sold fast, you must price it right to sell in 30 days. In a buyer’s market, real estate becomes a commodity Always tell the truth on price, no matter how uncomfortable 80% of marketing is price Law of Supply and Demand Definition of Value: More for the same, the same for less Pricing/Time Graph


20 Handling Objections Other agents to interview Think it over
Will you cut your commission and/or other agent will sell for less commission Other agent said they could get me more money

21 Handling Objection Tips
Don’t confuse objections with conditions. An objection is a question in the mind. When your presentation is strong, you will get very few objections. Change your presentation to address the objection up front. Have two or three responses for the most common objections. Logic makes them think and emotion makes them act, so use both when handling objections. Go back to motivation often, to bring up emotions.

22 Handling Objection Tips (continued)
When someone wants to work with you is when you will hear objections. Don’t argue with them. Always agree with them. Ask a lot of questions to make certain you understand exactly what they are saying. Listen to their answers. Isolate the objection. Handle the objection and then ask for the order.

23 Closing Scripts Ask for the listing!

24 Price Reductions Thoughts Prepare seller for a lower offer.
Get an extension of listing. Ask for price changes every 14–21 days or 10 showings. Use the Law of Supply and Demand when presenting for price changes based on the MLS statistics. Always go back to the seller’s motivation–2 questions. Don’t chase market down. Don’t take too small a reduction. Offer extreme customer service. Follow up on all showings for feedback in writing. Set weekly price reduction goal so all listings are reduced every 14–21 days.

25 Price Reductions (continued)
Rate Listings Put listings in monthly order of sales with or without price reductions. Sell enough each month to reach goals.

26 Don’t Forget to Complete Your Evaluation of Session 13!
Thanks for Being Here! Don’t Forget to Complete Your Evaluation of Session 13!

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