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All About Britain P5 and 6. Where is Britain? What is Britain? England Scotland Wales.

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1 All About Britain P5 and 6

2 Where is Britain?

3 What is Britain? England Scotland Wales

4 Flags The U.K flag The English flag The Scottish flag The Welsh flag

5 Facts about Britain *The population of Britain is 58 million. *The official language is English, but in Wales and Scotland Celtic languages are spoken. *People from Britain are called British. *People from England are called English. *People from Scotland are called Scottish. *People from Wales are called Welsh.

6 Britain’s National Anthem God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen! Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the Queen.

7 Weather in Britain Britain has all four seasons (winter, summer, spring and autumn). It sometimes snows, but mainly in Scotland. The weather is often different across the country.

8 British symbols Double-decker bus Taxi Post box Telephone box

9 Cup of tea Wimbledon English rose Cricket – Britain’s national sport

10 Famous Landmarks Britain is full of famous places. Stonehenge

11 Big Ben Buckingham Palace Who lives here? Tower of London

12 What is traditional British food? English Breakfast – consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms and baked beans. Bangers and mash – sausages and mashed potatoes Scones – you usually eat with cream and jam

13 Crumpets – usually eat with butter Fish and Chips Jam roly-poly – a dessert made with jam.

14 British Animals Red Deer Robin Sheep

15 Squirrel Badger Hedgehog

16 British Sports Cricket Football Netball

17 Rugby Rounders

18 Famous People Queen Victoria Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles Prince William

19 J.K. Rowling David Beckham Princess Diana

20 Festivals and Holidays Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) April Fool's Day A day of jokes and tricks.

21 May Day Harvest Festival

22 Cultural Do’s and Don’ts In England... Do stand in line Do say "Excuse Me"Do say "Please" and "Thank-you “ Do cover your Mouth Do Shake Hands

23 Do not speak with your mouth full of food. Do not ask personal or intimate questions. Do not talk loudly in public. Do not stare at anyone in public. Do not pick your nose in public:

24 What are British homes like?

25 Daily life for British children

26 Acknowledgements Woodlands Junior School, England http://www.woodlands-

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