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R adio F requency Id entification Ta’Tyana McElroy Jeffrey Tuma.

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1 R adio F requency Id entification Ta’Tyana McElroy Jeffrey Tuma

2 Overview/Objectives What is RFID How it works Current Applications Awareness of concerns

3 RFID Definition Definition – Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. – Storing and remotely retrieving data through automatic identification RFID Journal

4 History Radio frequency has been used to transmit information since the 30’s and 40’s although systems only allowed data to be passed, not stored RFID technology was first commercialized in the 1980’s for automated data transfer for commercial trucks and toll roads RFID gained support in the late 1990’s when Procter & Gamble established the Auto-ID Center which was recognized by more then 100 large end-use companies 2003-2004 large companies such as Target and Wal-Mart began adopting the use of RFID to track sales and inventory of product

5 Technology Components A basic RFID system consists of three components: 1. An antenna or coil 2. A transceiver (with decoder) 3. A transponder (RF tag) electronically programmed with unique information

6 Technology

7 Advantages/ Disadvantages Advantages of RFID Automatic identification reduces manual work Tracking and scanning of multiple items simultaneously Wide spread applications for use Disadvantages Potential privacy issues Initial costs incurred with setting up an RFID system Individual tags still too expensive for wide spread use

8 Current Applications Wal-Mart Required suppliers to implement the RFID technology in 2005 Pet Recovery Systems Implanted chip in pet with owners information allows for lost pets to be returned to their owners. Toll Roads & Weight Stations Used on many toll roads for users to pay tool without having to stop, and semi trucks to be weighed in motion without having to stop at the weight station.

9 OSU ID Cards…

10 Current Issues California Bans Forced RFID Implantation Forbids companies from requiring employees to implant RFID chips in their bodies EPIC Warns Federal Agencies About RFID in US Travel Cards State Department and Homeland Security, are against the use of "long-range" RFID “pass cards” for passports. The American Medical Association (AMA) Releases RFID Report Report focused on the ethical consequences surrounding the use of RFID implants in humans.

11 Questions?

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