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A Sustainable Energy Future Davianne Duarte Anton Clarkson.

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1 A Sustainable Energy Future Davianne Duarte Anton Clarkson

2 Introduction Chapter is divided into 6 major sections Policy Lessons Progress to Date Future Prospects Global Energy Scenario Transportation Challenge Population Growth and Life Style Choice

3 Future Prospects Global energy shifts towards renewable resources EU aims to double its renewable energy by 2010 US-States such as California, New York, and Nevada are leading the implementation of efficiency and renewable energy. Developing countries have also made commitments to efficiency and renewable energy sources. Brazil, India, China, and Thailand Specific technology projections for total power By 2020: 18% wind power, 3% photovoltaic power

4 Global Clean Energy Scenario Addresses all the challenges presented by a “business as usual” fossil fuel-intensive energy future.

5 Results of Clean Energy Scenario

6 Population Growth and Lifestyle choice Limiting population growth Better health care, education of women and family planning services in developing nations Reduction in population of wealthier nations Changes in lifestyle Combating the desire for material goods and losing the “bigger is better” mentality

7 Conclusion The renewable energy transition will take decades to complete Buildings and homes last 50-100 years, coal fired power plants last 50 years Domination of innovative technologies for vehicles will take decades Transition should start now Delay increases the risk of a catastrophic climate change The choice is ours to make.

8 Critique Geller’s clean energy scenario is a potential solution to the worlds energy crisis Based on reality Includes a healthy dose of optimism Critique will examine the feasibility of Geller’s clean energy scenario

9 Clean Energy Scenario Assumes worldwide energy use increases at 1% Currently increasing at 2% Assumes 25% wind power growth 2004- 2010, 20% growth 2011-2020

10 The Energy Revolution Geller’s plan revolves around changing energy fuel sources world wide. Progression from low-hydrogen content fuel to higher hydrogen content fuel Wood -> Coal -> Petroleum -> Natural Gas -> Renewable Sources

11 Jumping off the ladder one rung early? Gellar want to make the switch directly from petroleum to renewable energy Invest in natural gas over the next century only as necessary Geller admits though that photovoltaic and wind power sources are still developing

12 Future Energy Sources

13 Clean Energy Assumptions Geller assumes an annual energy growth of 1% Currently at 2% Assumes continued high growth rate of wind and photovoltaic power sources Does not take into account economic crisis or diminishing returns

14 Wind Growth

15 Carbon Sequestration Is this a joke or strawman? Have we not learned that the ocean is not the worlds garbage disposal system? Research dollars are going this way (MIT, Colorado State) but how feasible is this

16 Public Acceptance Geller’s plan calls for short term sacrifice with long term rewards Our parent’s generation will only begin to see a drop off in carbon emission Our children’s generation will only begin to see decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration

17 Carbon Futures

18 Geller’s Optimism Outlines “winners & losers” Expects countries to halt their most prolific industries Compensation for these countries includes: subsidies for development of solar energy and solar-based hydrogen

19 Conclusion For the first time in history energy sources must be changed for the environment instead of economics Technologies that much be changed includes: oil, coal, gas-guzzling vehicles, inefficient appliances, and the ubiquitous incandescent light bulb.

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