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Crafting an IS/IT project proposal Ronan Fitzpatrick Dublin Institute of Technology.

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1 Crafting an IS/IT project proposal Ronan Fitzpatrick Dublin Institute of Technology

2 Overview Introduction Project background Project Aim and Objectives Intellectual challenge Research programme Deliverables Resources References

3 Introduction Assume that your readers have very little knowledge of the subject and introduce the subject to them. Introductory paragraphs W6h topics What you project is about Why it is appropriate to the course How you will complete it Who will it benefit.

4 Project background Identify past and current work in the subject area. Academic and practitioner research and thinking in the area. LITERATURE REVIEW Clarify how the most significant literature relates to your project.

5 Project Aim and Objectives Identify the aim of the project and what objectives you will have to achieve to successfully complete the project. Only ONE aim A list of measurable objectives that you will have to achieve.

6 Intellectual challenge Identify the nature and form of the intellectual challenge. New ideas, or new ways of explaining, or thinking, or analysing, or understanding the topics of your research Devising and implementing some new solution to a problem Any special challenge for you.

7 Research programme Detail the methodology that you will use in the pursuit of the research and state the timescale involved. Allocate time to the different objectives Stage by stage plan of the work Present in a Gantt chart.

8 Deliverables Provide a clear list of the outputs from the project. Relate to your measurable project objectives, e.g., If you say you will research a topic as an objective, then you should include a report of the research as a deliverable If you say you will conduct a survey, then a survey questionnaire and results of the survey should be included as a deliverable Include writing the manual/dissertation.

9 Resources Detail the equipment which is essential to completing the programme. Information and Communication Technology resources Library requirements Access to academics or practitioners

10 References List all references that you have cited in your proposal document. Identify the world experts Use seminal sources Limit internet references to 10% NO Wikipedia.

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