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.net Microsofts ’ Platform for Web Services Naveed Arshad.

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1 .net Microsofts ’ Platform for Web Services Naveed Arshad

2 Agenda What Components Related Timelines C# and Framework Comparison of J2EE A Perspective Pros and Cons References

3 What is a comprehensive family of products, built on industry and Internet standards, that provide for each aspect of developing (tools), managing (servers), using (building block services and smart clients) and experiencing (rich user experiences) XML Web services.

4 .net Defined Five Tools

5 .net Defined (Experiances) XML web services Allows you to access information Some of the products in process of transition experiences are: MSN®, bCentral™, Passport, and Microsoft Visual Studio®.NET.

6 .net Defined (Clients) Any type of device PCs, laptops, workstations, phones, handheld computers, Tablet PCs, game consoles, and other smart devices OS support like Windows® CE, Windows Embedded, Window 2000

7 .net Defined (Services) Core set of Building Block Services First one named ‘HailStorm’ Now My Services Centered around User MS Passport as the authentication Mechanism

8 .net Defined (Servers) Microsoft.NET Enterprise Servers Windows 2000 Server Family e.g. MS Application Center 2000 MS BizTalk™ Server 2000 MS Commerce Server 2000 Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000

9 .net Defined (Tools) Tools for Developing MS Visual Studio C# etc

10 So far20012002 Experiances Windows ® XP Windows ® XP bCentral MSN Additional.NET experiences Additional.NET experiences Clients Windows CE Windows NT Embedded Windows NT Embedded Windows 2000 Windows ® XP Windows ® XP Windows XP Embedded Windows XP Embedded Tablet PC Other smart devices Other smart devices Services "Hailstorm" Tools Visual Studio.NET Beta Visual Studio.NET Beta SOAP Toolkit Beta MSDN ® Online MSDN ® Online Visual Studio.NET Visual Studio.NET.NET Framework Servers Windows 2000 Server SQL Server ™ 2000 SQL Server ™ 2000 BizTalk ™ Server 2000 BizTalk ™ Server 2000 Mobile Information 2001 Server Mobile Information 2001 Server Mobile Information 2001 Server Mobile Information 2001 Timelines

11 .net Related Standards XML – Format for standard data interchange. SOAP – For applications calling each other. UDDI – Directory of XML Services WSDL – Describing web services C# and CLR

12 .net offers language independence. Code written in VB.Net, C++ and C# by MS Python, Cobol, Perl etc by third party vendors. Translated into MIL (MS Intermediate Language). Something analogous to Java Byte Code. MIL code can be interpreted by CLR (Common Language Runtime Environment). Sort of JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

13 .net Framework.NET Framework is an "environment for building, deploying and running Web services Three main parts – Common Language Runtime (CLR) – Framework classes –

14 Comparison of J2EE J2EE Language C# Java Development Framework.Net common components ( Framework SDK) Java core API InterpreterCLRJRE

15 Comparison of J2EE J2EE Dynamic Web Pages Active Server Pages (ASP +) Java Server Pages (JSP) Middle Managed Component EJB Database Access ADO.netJDBC SQL/J

16 A Perspective “ Microsoft.Net can be summarized in one simple statement: Microsoft is building an Internet Monopoly ” Gary Hein Tech News: August 29 th, 2001

17 .net Pros Multiple Language Support. Rich set of libraries. It's open-standard friendly (e.g., HTTP and XML) Its code is compiled natively, regardless of language or deployment (Web or desktop).

18 .net Cons It's yet another platform to consider, which generally means rewriting and learning new tricks. Currently, it's only available on Windows. Microsoft claims C#, IL, and CLR/CLS will be submitted to ECMA, but there's still no clear view on what will be standardized from the platform.

19 Refrences site – Comparison and J2EE – DOTNET DOTNET – Introducing – Framework Overview –

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