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BLUE 5 Team Members: KarenChristianBenJohnPeterJakobMargarytaLisa.

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1 BLUE 5 Team Members: KarenChristianBenJohnPeterJakobMargarytaLisa

2 For New York City Audubon, what are the issues in the case?  Making the public aware of their mission- marketing.  Confusion on its structure (national, state and local).  Inefficient fundraising.

3 What opportunities does the Pale Male incident offer to New York City Audubon to advance its goals? (List three)  Increase publicity for NYCA.  Increase awareness of NYCA.  Inform the public of their mission.

4 Solutions to Issues Raised in the Case (Opportunity 1)  Celebrity spokesperson  Fix website  Getting into schools

5 Solutions to Issues Raised in the Case (Opportunity 2)  Take on pale male on as a mascot.  Make sure the press use the right name.

6 Solutions to Issues Raised in the Case (Opportunity 3)  Mail, postcard, offer to sign with NYCA.  Follow up E-mails to al members

7 Why we think our recommendations will work!  People attracted to celebrities.  School children are receptive of environmental ideas.  Promoting the value and mission of NYCA.  Reasonably costly.

8 In conclusion  We think that NYCA should capitalize on the Pale Male issue in order to forge its own identity, promote its values and accomplish its mission.

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