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Industry Research Assignment Consulting firms Group 2.

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1 Industry Research Assignment Consulting firms Group 2

2 Job Nature Helps leading companies to improve their strategies, organizations, and operations. Help a diverse group of governments, institutions, and nonprofit organizations with their management challenges.

3 The biggest Players McKinsey & Company  AT Kearney  Bain & Company 

4 McKinsey & Company A management consulting firm advising the top management of leading companies and institutions on issues of strategy, organization, technology, and operations.

5 McKinsey & Company Background information James O. McKinsey founded McKinsey & Company in 1926. Contain 82 offices (plus 20 Business Technology Offices) in 44 countries form a true global network.Business Technology Offices

6 McKinsey & Company Marvin Bower 1903-2003 Widely credited with being one of the founders of modern management consulting. Bower was a member of McKinsey from 1933 until his retirement in 1992.

7 McKinsey & Company Service offering Functional Practices  Corporate Finance & Strategy Corporate Finance & Strategy Industry Practices  Banking & Securities Banking & Securities  Insurance Insurance

8 McKinsey & Company Corporate Finance & Strategy Capital Markets Strategy Value-Based Management Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestments

9 McKinsey & Company Corporate Finance & Strategy Post-Merger Management  Provide problem-solving and execution Alliances and Joint Ventures Initial Public Offerings  Advise on value-creating initial public offerings, provide services for the full range of IPOs, from start-ups through privatizations and spin-offs

10 McKinsey & Company Banking and Securities European Banking & Insurance  Insurance and Asset Management  Retail Banking  Wholesale banking

11 McKinsey & Company Banking and Securities North American banking & Securities  Asset Management  Investment & Wholesale Banking  Payments  E-commerce  High Tech/Operations  Retail Banking/Consumer Credit

12 McKinsey & Company Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance Life Insurance and Wealth Accumulation  help clients shape distinctive strategies for the rapidly converging life insurance Asset Management

13 McKinsey & Company Insurance Reinsurance  offer guidance and expertise to reinsurers on new approaches to covering corporate risks IT and Insurance mRisk: Insurance e-Commerce  mRisk combines McKinsey's deep knowledge of insurance with the practical experience gained from helping to design and launch on-line businesses both within financial services and across other industries.

14  one of the largest high value management consulting firms in the world.  focuses on CEO-level concerns—traditional issues such as leadership, globalization, enterprise transformation and product strategy, especially focusing on the challenges of a difficult economy  A.T. Kearney was ranked 16th overall among Fortune's "50 Companies MBAs Love" in 2001

15 History  Established in 1926  Stayed in Chicago for the first 35 years  Opens its first European Office in 1964  Opens its first Asian Office in Tokyo in 1972  Begin their operation in Latin America in 1994  In 1995, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of EDS, a leader in global technology services.

16 Revenues 2002 revenue—$1.084 billion Staff 4600 employees worldwide; their people have broad industry experience and come from leading business schools. Locations Offices in over 60 cities and 35 countries

17 Service practices Strategy consulting Operations consulting Enterprise Services Transformation Client A.T. Kearney generally targets Fortune top 200 companies Repeat business More than 90 percent of work is for clients previously served

18 Industry specialties Aerospace & defense Automotive Communications & media Consumer industries & retail Utilities Financial institutions Government High tech & electronics Pharmaceuticals/health care Process industries Transportation While the firm claims expertise in many industries, it is particularly strong in automotive, communications, high tech, consumer industries and retail.

19 Financial Institution Practice Clients: banks, insurers, and securities firms Services included: Performance Improvement. Procurement Solutions/Sourcing New Credit Model Risk and Capital Management.

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