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CHAPTER 9 External Selection II.

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1 CHAPTER 9 External Selection II

2 Substantive Assessment Methods
Tests Interest, values, and preference inventories Structured interviews Assessment for team and quality environments Clinical assessments

3 Personality Tests TYPES -MMPI -The Big Five (5-Factor Model) -MBTI

4 Ability Tests Cognitive Ability Tests Measures of Cognitive Ability
Evaluation Limitations Psychomotor Ability Tests Physical Abilities Sensory/Perceptual Abilities Tests Computer Testing

5 More Substantive Assessment Methods…
Job Knowledge Tests Performance Tests and Work Samples Integrity Tests Interests, Values, and Preference Inventories

6 Structured Interview Characteristics Evaluation Future Uses

7 Constructing a Structured Interview
Job Requirements Matrix The Selection Plan The Structured Interview Plan Selection and Training of Interviewers

8 The Structured Interview Plan
Constructing Questions Constructing Benchmark Responses Weighting the Importance of the Questions

9 Assessment for Team and Quality Environments
Clinical assessments

10 Choice of Substantive Assessment Methods (See ex. 9.19, p 463)
Use Cost Reliability Validity Utility Applicant Reactions Adverse Impact

11 Contingent Assessment Methods
Drug Testing Medical Exams

12 Legal Issues--UGESP Summary Scope Discrimination defined
Suitable alternative selection procedures Information on adverse impact Evaluation of selection rates Adverse impact and the 4/5ths rule Validity Affirmative Action

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