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Palisades and tumors. Lung metastatic tumor in brain.

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1 Palisades and tumors

2 Lung metastatic tumor in brain

3 A meningioma at a parasagittal location

4 Benign meningioma growing underneath the dura

5 Note compression caused by meningioma in the underlying cerebral hemisphere

6 Meningioma compressing the pituitary

7 Giantism can result from pituitary tumors in childhood


9 Benign ependymoma; note inaccessible site

10 Cystic astrocytoma of childhood

11 Glioma with mass effect

12 Low grade gliomas still have poor prognosis if present in a difficult to remove location

13 Large brain stem glioma

14 Cerebral hemisphere glioma; note absence of clear margin

15 Astrocytoma at low magnification; normal tissue at right

16 Glioblastoma multiforme

17 GBM: note necrosis, hemorrhage

18 Note palisading effect around necrotic region

19 Two models for the formation of pseudo-palisades in GBM

20 Palisading cells surrounding necrosis are typical of GBM

21 Model for formation of palisades

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