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Acoustic Fossil Imaging by Matt Kaiser & John Lewis Advised by: Dr. James H. Irwin & Mr. José Sánchez.

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1 Acoustic Fossil Imaging by Matt Kaiser & John Lewis Advised by: Dr. James H. Irwin & Mr. José Sánchez

2 Outline Matt KaiserJohn Lewis -Project Summary -Functional Description -References -Parts List -Schedule -System Level Block Diagram -Sub-System Level Block Diagrams -Specification Sheet -User Interface

3 Project Summary Goal: Image Fossils Buried in Rock Major Components: Ultrasonic Sensor, Data Acquisition, and PC Signal Processing in MATLAB Data Acquisition with Tektronix TDS3012B e*scope

4 System Block Diagram

5 Data Acquisition

6 Overall Block Diagram

7 Sensor Block Diagram Acoustic Sensor Description: A device that sends a burst of 16 50[kHz] acoustical pulses Acoustic Foam Description: The acoustical foam narrows the dispersion angle of the sensor to provide more accurate results

8 Oscilloscope Block Diagram Oscilloscope Description: The oscilloscope provides a means to view the data graphically Format Output Description: This allows the graphical data to be put into a form that can be imported to a PC with MATLAB

9 Signal Processing PC with MATLAB Description: The signal processing will allow the user to see the object in three dimensions, and will give other useful data about the object (e.g. length, width, and height)

10 Software Flow Chart Import Data This converts the data into a useable form for MATLAB manipulation Correlate Data This allows multiple echoes contained in each other to be determined Dimension Determination Using time delays the dimensions of an object can be determined 3-D Plot This allows the user to view a specific object in 3-D

11 User Interface Move Sensor by Hand Acquire Data with Oscilloscope Run MATLAB M-File

12 Specifications ParameterMinTypMaxUnits Power Supply Voltage4.556.8V Input Frequency-10-Hz Input Voltage0-4V Transmit Frequency-49.4-kHz Transmit Pulses-16-- Transmit Sensitivity110--dB Receive Frequency-42--dB Operating Temperature0-40°C Operating Distances6-35ft Vertical Directivity Pattern0-60°

13 Parts List Ultrasonic Transducer Tektronix Oscilloscope HP Single Power Supply Krohn-Hite Function Generator PC “Chips”

14 References Acoustic imaging: The reconstruction of underwater objects, IEEE Visualization, 1991, p. 94-101, ISBN: 0-8186-2245-8 Brunner, Eberhard, Ultrasound System Considerations and Their Impact on Front-End Components, Analog Devices, 2002 Case study: Visualization of 3-D ultrasonic data, IEEE Visualization, 1994, p. 369-373, ISBN: 1070-2385

15 Schedule DatePlanned Work January 27Implement New Sensor February 3Work on Better Test Platform and Sensor Hardware February 10Acquire Data and Process February 17Work on More Complex Calculation Routines February 24Attempt to Image Objects Buried with Other Objects March 2Continue Complex Imaging March 9Implement More Sensors if Necessary March 16Spring Break March 23Testing March 30Testing April 6Final Software and Hardware Implementation & Testing April 13Make Adjustments to Improve System April 20Prepare for Expo April 27Prepare Final Presentation May 4Finishing Touches on Documentation

16 Questions?

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