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CU-VPN Status Campus-wide VPN Service March 21, 2007.

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1 CU-VPN Status Campus-wide VPN Service March 21, 2007

2 Overview  Provides VPN service for individuals remote to campus – provides encrypted session from the end user to the VPN concentrator  Uses incumbent AAA backend services  Roughly analogous to dial-up services

3 Service Scenarios  Internet to campus private address space connectivity.  Encryption for traditionally non- ciphered applications (e.g. file service).  Additional access control to campus service.

4 Scenario: campus private address space



7 Scenario: encrypting non- encrypted services

8 Initial Goals  Windows and OSX support.  Cisco VPN client software (IPSec).  Login with campus NetID.  Basic Login and Traffic accounting.  Network Quarantine support.  Dual, load-balancing servers.  On-campus testing through RedRover

9 IPSec VPN Tunnels  IPSec requires Cisco VPN client. Native VPN clients not supported.  Split-tunnel routing. Tunnels campus-only traffic; all other remote traffic routes normally.  3 rd Party client required to insure split-tunneling, streamline support

10 CU-VPN Pilot  Started December 2006  Twelve participating departments  Responses positive, particularly where no remote-access solution in place  Wrap-up early-April for general availability

11 Cisco VPN Client Screen

12 Service Timeline  General availability mid-April  All members of the Cornell community have access  Phase 2 feature development to begin June 1

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