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The French Revolution Unfolds

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1 The French Revolution Unfolds
Cornell Notes

2 Famine – 80% of income to buy bread!
National Assembly created in June 1789 at the Estates-General Gave power to the Bourgeoisie Set off by RUMORS Government troops attacking Peasants Crops DESTROYED Peasants react violently Factions competed for power Marquis de Lafayette leads National Guard Paris Commune  Radical Political Crisis Leads to Revolt Great Fear Paris Commune

3 Peasant actions cause reaction
Met in all-nighter Nobles agreed to get rid of manorial dues, hunting rights, and tax exemptions “Feudalism is abolished” Equality? “All men born and remain free and equal in rights” Government’s job is to PROTECT the citizens Freedom of Religion and tax based on ability to pay Louis didn’t want to accept Nobles still feasting! The National Assembly Acts End of Special Privileges Declaration of the Rights of Man

4 Demanded to see King & his return to Paris
October 5, 1789 6,000 women marched 13 miles Demanded to see King & his return to Paris Angry at Queen Marie Antoinette Luxury while people were starving Compassionate but against reforms Forced royal family back to Paris National Assembly took control and issued Civil Constitution of the Clergy (1790) Bishops and Priests became elected & salaried Ended Papal authority Pope condemned Peasants also rejected Women March on Versailles Church Under State Control

5 Created a limited monarchy Legislative Assembly
Made laws, collected taxes, made war decisions Elected by tax paying males over 25 Reflected Enlightenment Put power in hands of the wealthy June 1791 King dressed as servant, Queen dressed as governess, and royal children traveled by coach Caught in the act Seen as a traitor Constitution of 1791 Louis Attempts Escape

6 Border Patrols to keep out the “French Plague”
Émigrés told horror stories Catherine the Great burned Voltaire's letters Declaration of Pilnitz Austria and Prussia threatened to protect the monarchy Radicals Take Over Rulers fear Revolution Threats from Abroad

7 October 1791 – Legislative Assembly takes office
Lasts less than 1 year Inflation leads to hoarding and shortages Sans-Culottes Demand a republic Supported by Jacobins April 1792 Legislative Assembly declares war on Austria, Prussia, Britain, and other states Supposed to be quick Lasts until 1815 Radicals Declare WAR National Assembly’s War on Tyranny

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