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Bengal Tigers By Rylan.

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1 Bengal Tigers By Rylan

2 Table of Contents Slide 1- Introduction Slide 2- What is a Bengal Tiger? Slide 3- Biome where Bengal Tigers are found? Slide 4- Habitat/Home of Bengal Tiger Slide 5- What do Bengal Tigers eat? Slide 6- What eats Bengal Tigers? Slide 7- How are Bengal Tigers adapted from their environment? Slide 8- Interesting facts!! Slide 9- Conclusion Slide 10- Bibliography

3 Introduction Welcome, I am going to tell you about Bengal tigers , some very special creatures but they are getting limited from human hunters. Bengal tigers are very fascinating creatures. Bengal tigers would make great pets but not if they don't like you they eat you!! They would not attack you if you give them a piece treaty like deer or antelope.

4 What is a Bengal Tiger? A Bengal Tiger is part of the cat family. It is a mammal and it can give 2 to 3 babies at a time. It is the second largest cat in the world to the Siberian tiger. They live up to 15 years old.

5 Biome where Bengal Tigers are found.
My animal lives in Asia, India and the zoo. It prefers the zoo because it doesn't get hunted or doesn’t have to hunt. It also prefers the zoo because it doesn't have to chase its food. But it does kind of prefer the wild because it doesn't live in a cage or doesn't have to show people what they are capable of all-day. They also might rather live in India because of how much water and food.

6 Habitat/Home of Bengal Tigers
They can be found in the deep jungles of Asia. They like the water and the prey there. In the jungles they can cool off and heat up so it's the perfect temperature. Around the lake they watch out for a hungry alligator. They are very vitches in the wild.

7 What do Bengal Tigers eat?
The Bengal Tiger has a bunch of prey. They prefer the deer and caribou because it's easier to catch them. If they can they will also eat one other if they get mad at each other. They will eat as a family unless they have not mated yet. Don't eat with them unless you married it.

8 What eats Bengal Tigers.
They don't really eat them but they kill them for there skin. That is one of the reasons the Bengal tigers are becoming instinct. They are also becoming instinct because they are not moving intimae before there food is gone. We can save them by stopping hunting.

9 How are Bengal Tigers adapted to their environments?
A tiger can adapt to his/her environment pretty quickly. What they do is look around and see if there is any food then if they see something there in the right place. They stay pretty long time in the same spot. Hunters find them right before they leave. So please stop hunting!!!

10 Interesting facts The Bengal tiger could take down a lion. They weigh from 200 to 265 pounds. They are 5 feet long with sharp claws. A tiger could take a bull out with two scratches. They are stronger than five humans combined.

11 Conclusion As you can see the Bengal tiger is a fascinating creature but please stop killing them for there skin. They are found less and less in the wild because we capture or even kill them. They take good care of there young but still few thousand left. A Bengal tiger could easily clean his plate when you feed it. Goodbye see you next time.

12 Bibliography Images for hunting bengal tigers pictures
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