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General Biology BSC 2010 Professor Suzanne Butler.

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2 General Biology BSC 2010 Professor Suzanne Butler

3 Required Textbook Biology Written by Neil Campbell and Jane Reece Published by Benjamin Cummings

4 Course Compass  You must have the access code found in your new textbook or purchased from the bookstore to access u BUTLER50283 –Access number to register for this course in course compass

5 Course Description  BSC 2010 is the first semester of a two semester sequence general biology –The principles of modern biology, including »the cell doctrine »the basic physical phenomena of life » an elementary consideration ofbioenergetics and biosynthesis »Reproduction »the gene concept »the mechanism and evidencefor organic evolution » phylogeny »Community and population ecology

6 Pre- and Co-Requisites  Prerequisites –None u Corequisites: –BSC 2010L and CHM 1045. (3 hr. lecture)

7 Policies  Attendance –no specific penalty for missing class –student responsible for material missed  Withdrawing –Deadline January 10 to change without permission –deadline March 16 for grade of W

8 Policies  Exams –Anyone arriving for an in class exam after first exam has been turned in will be considered absent and will not be allowed to take the exam –Anyone not turning in take-home exam before lecture begins will suffer a 10% penalty and 10% per day thereafter –If you miss one exam it will be your lowest grade  Assignments –10% penalty per calendar day late –All written assignments submitted for grade must be typed

9 Policies  Disruptions to the Learning process –tardiness and leaving class early –cellular phones and beepers –inappropriate behavior  Please, do your part to make this course a valuable learning experience for everyone.

10 Grading  80% Exams –Two take home and two in class plus one comprehensive final –Objective –Best 3 of 4 exams plus final counted –May bring one 3x5 card to in class exams  20% Assignment –Chosen from assignment sheet or approval of instructor  Extra Credit Opportunity –25 points possible based on selections made from course compass options.

11 Grading Scale  90 - 100 = A  80 - 89.9 = B  70 - 79.9 = C  60 - 69.9 = D  Below 60 = F

12 Hints for Success  Spend 3 - 5 hours outside class for each hour in class.  Read the material before and after lecture covering topic.  Recopy and expand your notes.  Form or join a study group which meets regularly.  Put aside some”fun” time for yourself.

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