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Enhancing Researcher’s mobility Didier Flagothier Belgian Science Policy.

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1 Enhancing Researcher’s mobility Didier Flagothier Belgian Science Policy

2 Categories of Obstacles to mobility: Legal and Administrative Aspects (Visa, Social Security, Taxes, Recognition of Diploma, etc) Social and Cultural Aspects The Career of a Researcher Intersectorial Mobility Academia/Industry …mobility


4 Four initiatives have been given a short, catchy, easy and straight forward name: includes all information on job opportunities, funding opportunities, grants, employment, etc. includes all information for relocation assistance includes all information regarding the Charter and Code networking tool for European researchers abroad

5 EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion: The Service Network What is EURAXESS- Services? The aim of the service centres The offer of the service centres

6 The EURAXESS Service Network I The European Network of mobility centres (ex ERA-MORE): Launched June 2004 Network operational in 2005 Around 200 mobility centres in Europe and numerous contact points National mobility centres are set up by the national bridgehead organisation(s) appointed by the Research Ministry.

7 The EURAXESS Service Centres: Offers customized assistance to researchers and their families before, during and after their move abroad The EURAXESS Service Network II

8 Each Centre: Acts as a point of entry for researchers looking for practical information and guidance Fulfils its information and assistance task either by direct proximity assistance or by directing the person(s) concerned to the appropriate specialised centre

9 EURAXESS Services offers you : Visas Work permits Accommodation Legal issues Social security, health and taxes Everyday life Family support And MORE…

10 EURAXESS Jobs I Launched July 2003 Single Entry Point for: –Researchers looking to advance their career in another European country –Organisations wishing to recruit the most talented European and non-European researchers


12 Virtual job market: vacancy and CV database Funding and job opportunities in 32 European countries Job vacancies funded by the Marie Curie Actions Access to 32 national Researcher’s Mobility Portals Links to international research careers Link to the electronic newsletter « Europe4Researchers » Personalised assistance through EURAXESS-Services EURAXESS Jobs II

13 EURAXESS Rights “Charter and Code” I Recommendation on the « European Researchers’ Charter and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers » adopted by the Commission on 11 March 2005 Huge differences in career structures in European countries Fragmentation at local/regional/national level Protected, if not closed, non-transparent recruitment procedures Lack of career development prospects

14 « Charter » as reference point for the career management of researchers as professionals, addressing both researchers and employers/funders on minimum rights and obligations « Code of Conduct » as reference point for transparency and merit based recruitment, fair recognition of qualifications and mobility experiences Implemented by MS and other actors on a voluntary basis EURAXESS Rights “Charter and Code” II

15 Stay tuned!

16 Thank you …

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