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Dr. Mark Matthews Student Learning Overcoming Exam Nerves.

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1 Dr. Mark Matthews Student Learning Overcoming Exam Nerves

2 Managing Nerves 1.Why do we get nervous? 2.Managing Anxiety 3.Lifestyle Changes 4.On the Day


4 Fight or Flight Foundation of Stress Self-protection mechanism Automatic reaction to perceived threat Prepares for massive physical exertion

5 Your Body Changes Acceleration of heart and lung Paling or flushing Inhibition of stomach Constriction of blood vessels Inhibition of the lacrimal gland Dilation of pupil Auditory exclusion Tunnel vision Shaking

6 And the body becomes flooded with adrenaline

7 At very high levels of Adrenaline The brain shuts down

8 This is highly dysfunctional not to mention inconvenient if you are sitting an exam

9 How can I manage anxiety?

10 Practice

11 Practice Exam Skills 50% how well you know your material 50% personal reactions to exams Deliberate action in dealing with negatives, replacing them with positives and practicing until the positives become automatic. Knowing something is not the same as being able to do it when the situation demands it. You need to practice in a simulated environment.


13 Practice Dealing with Negative Emotions Sometimes we avoid thinking about exams Avoid dealing with anxieties Leaves space for negative thoughts

14 Replace Them With Positives Thoughts and Feeling

15 Visualisation

16 Exam Centres Dozens of exam centres Find out where your exam is. Visit the exam venue

17 Lifestyle Changes

18 Reduce Stress Things to avoid Caffeine Alcohol Salt & Sugar Poor Sleep Patterns Poor Work Patterns Negative Thoughts

19 Take Action Take steps to overcome problems: Relaxation Visualisation Get Help Eat Healthily & Regularly –High carbohydrates, vegetables, high fiber Regular Exercise Positive Thoughts

20 On the Day

21 Things to do Eat breakfast Try to stay calm Give yourself enough time Avoid anything that increases anxiety

22 Relaxation Keep calm: If you start to feel nervous, breathe deeply. Relaxation exercises Don't panic: Say to yourself in your head 'I CAN do this exam'

23 In the hall Fill out your answer books Focus on doing well If you panic, use relaxation techniques Be prepared – warm clothes, water Know where everything is


25 Student Learning Development Thank you for your time Visit our website at:

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