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Related Anatomy UNIT 7 Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEM.

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2 Related Anatomy UNIT 7 Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEM

3 1. Name the 2 DIVISIONS of the Peripheral Nervous System CENTRAL brain and spinal cord PERIPHERAL all nerves outside brain and spinal cord 2 branches Somatic- nerves that serve skeletal system and sense organs Autonomic- serve smooth muscles and heart

4 The 3 parts of a neuron Dendrite- conduct impulse toward cell body Axon- conduct impulse away from cell body Cell body motor sensory

5 More on Nerve cells PNS axons and dendrites may be coated with a MYELIN Sheath(this speeds conduction)(White matter) Gaps between axons and dendrites are called Synapses

6 NERVE IMPULSE Sodium and Potassium Pump POLARIZE DEPOLARIZE REPOLARIZE Note where charges are and where Sodium and Potassium are in relation to nerve cell 1 2 3 4

7 Nerve Impulse 1 2 3

8 REFLEX An automatic, involuntary response Examples, heartbeat, breath, swallow, sneeze, vomit

9 2. 12 Pair of Cranial Nerves V Trigeminal- teeth V!! Facial- face IX Glossopharyngeal- swallow XII Hypoglossal- tongue

10 3. 31 Pr of Spinal Nerves Cervical Plexus- head, neck, shoulders, upper chest Brachial- shoulder, arm, hand Lumbar- lower abdominal, thigh, buttock, genitals Sacral- thigh, leg, foot

11 4. 2 Divisions of the ANS SOMATIC Voluntary nerves that serve muscle and bone AUTONOMIC Involuntary nerves that serve internal organs 2 branches Sympathetic - emergency fight or flight Parasympathetic - normal at rest

12 Vocab Efferent- motor Afferent- sensory Myelin sheath- coating on PNS nerves,born with none, form as we develop, must have to toilet train. Common disorder- MS Synapse- gap where axons and dendrites meet but do not touch. Impulse may need neurotransmitter to cross this space. Common diseases- Parkinsons, Huntington, Alzheimers Ganglia- mass of nerve cells outside CNS

13 Vocab Continued White Matter- covered in Myelin Grey Matter- no Myelin Meninges- protective covering of brain and spinal cord. Disease- Meningitis CSF- cerebrospinal fluid, clear CNS- central nervous system PNS- peripheral nervous system ANS- autonomic nervous system

14 The End

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