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Clouds Predict the Weather by learning Cloud Types.

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1 Clouds Predict the Weather by learning Cloud Types

2 High Clouds Cirrus Clouds appear about 24-36 hrs before a change in the weather

3 More Cirrus Clouds

4 Middle Clouds Altocumulus clouds are about the size of your thumb when held at arms length.

5 Middle Clouds Altostratus are a thinner form of stratus clouds found higher in the atmosphere

6 Low Clouds Nimbostratus are rain- bearing clouds that cover the sky in one large layer.

7 Low Clouds Cumulus clouds are puffy, and form individually, or as one large thunderstorm.

8 Clouds that grow… Cumulonimbus clouds are thunderstorm clouds!

9 Another growing cloud… This cumulonimbus was photographed from an airplane.

10 A Severe Storm Cloud Mammatus clouds are often seen before a tornado or funnel cloud appears

11 Severe Storm Cloud A Wall Cloud signals an approaching front

12 How Do Clouds Form? 1. Warm, humid air near the ground is heated. 2. The Warm Air rises. 3. The air cools as it rises. 4. The temp. of the air reaches the dewpoint temp. 5. The water changes from a gas to liquid water.

13 DEWPOINT!!! Dewpoint temperature always has to be the same or less than the air temperature. What do we see when the air temp and dewpoint are the same at ground level?

14 FOG !!!

15 Try to identify the following cloud photos..

16 Cumulus

17 Cumulonimbus

18 Cirrus

19 Altostratus

20 Altocumulus

21 Cirrus

22 Towering Cumulus or Cumulonimbus

23 Cumulus

24 Towering Cumulus

25 Lenticular

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