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Chapter 13 Developing Leadership Skills Matakuliah: A0092 - Kepemimpinan Tahun: 2008 / 2009.

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2 Chapter 13 Developing Leadership Skills Matakuliah: A0092 - Kepemimpinan Tahun: 2008 / 2009

3 Bina Nusantara Learning Objectives Understand leadership training and development importance. Understand how to use coaching, mentoring, action learning, special assignments, simulations, and 360 degree feedback. Understand the benefits and limitations of leadership training and development. Understand research findings conducted to evaluate the methods.

4 Bina Nusantara Learning Objectives Understand the organizational conditions that facilitate leadership training. Understand what leaders can do to encourage and facilitate the leadership development of their subordinates. Understand how leaders develop their skills. Understand why leader development should be integrated with human resource management and strategic planning.

5 Bina Nusantara Leadership Training Programs Outside seminars and workshops Executive MBA Management training centers Corporate universities

6 Bina Nusantara The Reason to Improving the Creativity of the Leadership The limited of the leader creativity The changing that always happen The organization need to always learn

7 Bina Nusantara Leadership Competencies 1. Leader skill Conceptual skill Interpersonal skill Technical skill 2. Out her competencies Emotional intelligence Social intelligence Ability to learn

8 Bina Nusantara Level Managerial Skills TOP MANAGER C.S I.S T.S MIDDLE MANAGER C.S I.S T.S LOWER MANAGER C.S I.S T.S

9 Bina Nusantara Designing Effective Training Clear learning objectives. Clear, meaningful content. Appropriate sequencing of content. Appropriate mix of training methods. Opportunity for active practice. Relevant, timely feedback. Trainee self-confidence. Appropriate follow-up activities.

10 Bina Nusantara Special Techniques for Leadership Training Behavior Role Modeling Case Discussion Business Games and Simulations

11 Bina Nusantara Learning from Experience Amount of Challenge Variety of Tasks or Assignments Relevant Feedback

12 Bina Nusantara Developmental Activities Multi-source feedback workshops Developmental assessment centers Special assignments Personal growth programs Job rotation Action learning Mentoring Executive coaching Outdoor challenge programs

13 Bina Nusantara Ratings by Bosses Leader Self-Ratings Ratings by Peers Ratings by Clients or Other Outsiders Ratings by Subordinates Figure 13-1: Sources of Information for 360 Degree Feedback

14 Bina Nusantara Self-Help Activities Develop a personal vision of career objectives. Seek appropriate mentors. Seek challenging assignments. Improve self monitoring. Seek relevant feedback. Learn from mistakes. Learn to view events from multiple perspectives. Be skeptical of easy answers.

15 Bina Nusantara Facilitating Conditions for Leadership Development Support by the Boss Learning Climate Developmental Criteria for Placement Decisions

16 Bina Nusantara A Systems Perspective on Leadership Development Developmental Activities Formal Training Self-Help Activities Figure 13-2: 3 Ways to Acquire Leadership Competencies

17 Bina Nusantara Summary Leadership skills can be taught in courses and workshops by universities, consulting firms, and organization training centers. The importance of learning from experience on the job is now widely acknowledged. Many developmental techniques exist that may increase learning from experience. The extent that competencies are acquired depends on the activity, the facilitating conditions, and the manager’s qualities.

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