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Functions Receptors Signaling Chapter 11

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1 Functions Receptors Signaling Chapter 11
Cytokines Functions Receptors Signaling Chapter 11 Cut back on chemokine stuff Dave gives a lot of that in the prior lecture Focus on signaling pathways Add more on Th1/Th2

2 Cytokines are soluble mediators (small proteins) of innate and adaptive immunity and the mechanisms by which leukocytes communicate with one another.

3 Functions of cytokines
stimulation inhibition differentiation cell death chemoattract

4 Properties of cytokines
Abbas Figure 11-2

5 Key Cytokines Produced by Innate Immune Responses
IL-1 - macrophages, epithelial cells IL-6 - macrophages, endothelial cells (also T cells) IL-12 - macrophages, dendritic cells TNF-a - macrophages, NK cells (also T cells) IFN-a - dendritic cells, virally infected cells IFN-b - virally infected cells

6 Functions of cytokines in innate immunity
Abbas Figure 11-1A

7 The release of TNF-a by macrophages induces local protective effects, but TNF-a can have damaging effects when released systemically (septic shock). Abbas Figure 11-5

8 Antiviral effects of Type I Interferons (IFN-a/b)
Abbas Figure 11-8

9 Key Cytokines Produced by T Cells
IL-2 - CD8+, naïve and Th1 CD4+ cells IFNg - CD8+, Th1 CD4+ TNF-a - CD8+, Th1 and some Th2 CD4+ IL-4 - Th2 CD4+ IL-10 - Th2 CD4+ See also Table 11-4

10 Functions of cytokines in acquired immunity
Abbas Figure 11-1B


12 Cytokine receptors belong to families of receptor proteins, each with a distinctive structure (See also Abbas Figure 11-3A).

13 Cytokine receptors subfamilies have shared signaling subunits (see also Abbas Figure 11-3B).

14 Cytokine receptor function is regulated by expression of the subunits - the IL-2R story
See also Abbas Figure 11-11

15 JAK-Janus kinase STAT-signal transducer and activator of transcription Class I and Class II cytokine receptors signal by a rapid pathway using receptor-associated kinases to activate specific transcription factors. Abbas Box 11-2

16 JAK/STATs Used by Key Cytokines
See also Abbas Box 11-2 Table

17 Chemokines are a family of proteins of similar structure that bind to chemokine receptors, members of a large family of G protein-coupled receptors. CXCL8 Rhodopsin bound to ligand retinal (structure predicted to be similar to chemokine receptor)

18 Abbas Figure 11-6

19 Seven-transmembrane-domain receptors signal by coupling with trimeric GTP-binding proteins

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