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Universal Internet Interface 2004 Team Time for your check up Shari McNamara Jared Gillis Etana Elegbe Eric Pettersen Shamit Patel.

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1 Universal Internet Interface 2004 Team Time for your check up Shari McNamara Jared Gillis Etana Elegbe Eric Pettersen Shamit Patel

2 The UII and You ► ► Take a step back in time and bring the doctor to your home   Physician has access to daily physical health via the internet   Medical advice on patients current health   Avoid pain staking checkups ► ► Get the latest in medical monitoring technology with just a push of a button   Simple push button directions to send data   Wireless communication allows for medical monitoring to be mobile   Universal communication on all home medical monitoring devices

3 Third Generation Senior Design ► Bring cutting edge technology to the old design ► Make overall design simpler and more efficient ► Standardized universal communication protocol between all devices ► Keep product user friendly and convenient for the physician and home owner

4 Winter Team Requirements ► ► User friendly and ease of data collection by user ► ► Zigbee Wireless communication ► ► Accurate information transfer throughout the system ► ► Low power wireless development board to convert medical information from peripherals to a form the UII can understand ► ► Capable of temporary data storage ► ► Wireless Communication between Scale and PC ► ► Standard code format for versatile applications

5 Analysis of Wireless Communication

6 Challenges Zigbee wireless communication between scale and PC Palm Pilot interface with Zigbee Board Familiarity with Code Warrior IDE Faulty Software tests tools for development board Wireless transmission timing with hand shaking Biomedical Amplifier

7 Overview of System Architecture

8 Winter Team Architecture

9 Freescale Development Board ► Motorola HCS08 40-MHz CPU  8 bit microcontroller unit  HC08 instruction set  Power saving modes ► 64Kbytes Memory  60Kbytes of Flash  4Kbytes of RAM ► High performance  50 nsec minimum instruction cycle down to 2.1V @ 20MHz bus  125 nsec minimum instruction cycle down to 1.8V @ 8MHz bus ► Communication  Front end ZIGBEE  Back end RS-232  8 Analog to Digital Pins ► Power  9 volt battery  9 Volt AC to DC converter

10 Freescale Zigbee Development Board Design

11 Biomedical Amplifier Design

12 Final Design Decisions ► ► User Interface with the UII   Palm Pilot is the only interface display to the UII. It tells the UII who the user is and what information it is receiving from medical peripheral ► ► Database   MySQL ► ► UII Communication Protocol   Communication Protocol between medical devices and UII ► ► ZIGBEE as Interface Between the UII, Palm Pilot, and Medical Devices ► ► Translators   Implement protocol on Freescale development board   Front end utilizes ZIGBEE and back end implements RS-232 ► ► Operating System for UII   Linux

13 Analysis of Operating Systems Linux Windows CE Embedded

14 ZIGBEE is the Answer ► Application focus  Monitoring and control ► Newest standard for short-medium range wireless communication (up to 100m) ► Ease of implementation on UII  RS-232 ZIGBEE module ► Multi-slave compatibility  Network size 2 64 ► 128 bit advanced data encryption standard ► Low power  Battery life 100 – 1000 days

15 Analysis of Development Boards Ember evaluation kit $ 4,950.00 Freescale Development board $ 199.10 for 2 boards X-Bow mpr2400 Development board $ 213.00 for 1 board

16 “The Fifth Element” Z + - + - RL ECG-EMG: 2 Channel (differential) potential Amplifier with Right Leg drive Conceptually, the “fifth element” comprises of an ECG (electrocardiograph) front end with a human interface as well as a wireless interface for communication through ZIGBEE.

17 THE ECG FRONT END ► Small amplitude signals on the order of about 0.5-5mV ► 0.5-100Hz (relevant range) ► Unwanted components collected with the signal interfere with the data and generate noise.(60Hz noise from power mains, noise associated with electrode-skin contact/movement etc.) ► Effective filtering will be needed for correct recording

18 Typical components of an ECG Front End Design ► ► Protection circuitry   placed right at the input of the electrocardiograph to ensure that unusually high or potentially destructive voltages found across the input of the ECG device are not allowed through ► ► Initial instrumentation amplifier (Pre-Amplifier) ► ► Right Leg circuit   acts as a reference point (ground) on the patient ► ► Calibration signal of about 1mV ► ► Driver Amplifier & Filter   significantly amplifies incoming signal and efficiently filters the signal ► ► Micro-controller/Memory system

19 Typical Single Channel ECG Front End Design 1 [1] Analog Dialogue 37-11, November 2003 –

20 Goals for the Winter ► Meet with the Industrial Design department to develop case for UII ► Build ECG board; interface it with Freescale development board ► Implement code structure on Freescale development boards ► Interface Freescale development board with  The UII  The Palm Pilot  The Scale ► Make sure UII receives data from the Freescale development board attached to the scale ► Verify that the UII communicates with peripherals, Palm Pilot and Freescale development boards ► Final design write up ► User manual for any work done so next quarter students will have a place to start from

21 Goals for the Spring ► Interface Freescale development board with:  Blood pressure monitor  Factory ECG if not done already  Heart rate monitor ► Install a web server on the UII so information can be accessed via Internet. ► Final design write up continued ► Finish the users manual so anyone can use the project

22 Thank you! ► Dr. Phillips, as our sponsor and advisor ► The Previous two teams ► Intel

23 Questions?

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