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Materials Generator Tools

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1 Materials Generator Tools

2 Types of software tools
Desktop publishing software Test generators and test item banks Worksheet and puzzle generators IEP generators Graphic document makers PDF and forms makers

3 Purposes and Benefits Allow creation and use of documents, tests, exercises, IEPs, certificates, PDFs, and forms. Less time consuming Improved efficiency Improved appearance Improved productivity

4 Examples Desktop publishing software
Students and teachers create their own letterhead brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, newspapers, and books. You can purchase Adobe PageMaker, or Microsoft Publisher.

5 Examples cont… Test generators and rubric generators.
Teachers can create test item banks and generate various versions of tests from them. They can administer tests online. There are several free rubric making websites. See page 157.

6 Examples cont… Puzzle makers and worksheet generators
Teachers produce exercises and games for student skill practice. puzzlemaker

7 Classroom Use Material Generators provide a resource for teachers to be more efficient and professional. It also gives students an opportunity to produce work in a format that is creative and easy to share.

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