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MATH 209 – Engineering Calculus September 2011.  Textbook Tax Credit- Why Not?  What you need for the course  How to log on to Enhanced WebAssign.

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1 MATH 209 – Engineering Calculus September 2011

2  Textbook Tax Credit- Why Not?  What you need for the course  How to log on to Enhanced WebAssign

3  Did you know that you can claim… ◦ $65 for each month you qualify for the full-time education amount? ◦ or… ◦ $20 for each month you qualify for the part-time education amount?  You can claim the textbook amount (right on your tax return!) if you are eligible to claim the education amount (and can support, with documentation, your enrolment at a post-secondary institution).  Did you know……..

4 You will be using the same textbook as you did in Math 100/101 last year: Stewart Calculus Early Transcendentals 6 th ed. If you used Enhanced WebAssign last year you still have access to this system & do not need to purchase access again.


6 Allows you to complete required online homework assignments. Provides you with immediate feedback. Helps you stay on track with the course. Includes rich, tutorial content to aid in concept mastery. Provides access to a digital version of your textbook (or relevant textbook passages). Will help you to succeed in this course.  Enhanced WebAssign

7  Go to the Login page at Please go to the login page at  So, How Do I Log In?

8  Your Class Key (see next slide for your key):  Enter Your Class Key

9 9 Your instructor has decided to allow students to self-enroll into this WebAssign course. (Make sure to choose your correct section #):  Section EA1 ualberta 5362 5364  Section EB1 ualberta 5611 8042  Section EC1 ualberta 5380 3153  Section ED1/SD1 ualberta 2079 2008  Section EE1 ualberta 7065 6965  Section EF1 ualberta 4768 1014  Section EG1 ualberta 8843 2501  Section EH1 ualberta 8507 5852

10  You’ll receive confirmation that your Class Key has been recognized. Click Yes, this is my class.  Confirmation

11  Create a New WebAssign Account  Create Account or Login to an Existing Account Login to an Existing WebAssign Account

12  After logging in, you will see a notice that shows you payment options: To register, enter your access code if you have an access code card. If you do not have an access code card, you can buy an access code online with a credit card or by using a PayPal account or purchase one at the Special Services desk at the bookstore. You can also access your course under a free 14 day trial period. After the Grace Period ends, you must enter an access code to continue working on assignments and accessing your grades.  How Do I Pay for WebAssign (if I do not already have access)?

13  Payment/Code Registration Screen

14  EWA with eBook  What Does Your Access Code Look Like?

15  Entering Your Access Code

16  Your Home Page

17  Homework Assignments

18  EWA includes entry palettes to allow you to easily enter the appropriate notation (when required) to submit your answers.  MathPad, PhysPad, CalcPad

19 Allows you to search for terms and definitions Anywhere you have an internet connection you have access- think of Spring Break (or not) Allows you to highlight and make notes Allows you to have a more multi-media enriched, interactive experience with the content via videos, interactive activities Give you an integrated learning tool that connects topics and definitions within the click of a button ebooks are environmentally friendly option Printing capabilities: page by page

20 You can access your eBook from the ‘My eBooks’ tab above or here as well Where to find your eBOOK within EWA?

21 Reference Panel: you can navigate the TOC. Search for notes and bookmarks you created Highlighter: anything highlighted is saved. Notes: you can add notes to your eBOOK- these are also saved and can be found in ‘Notes’ on your reference panel

22 Here’s an explanation of each of the toolbar actions.

23 Multi-media icons imbedded within the text. Eg: video walk-through of the example


25 Life of the Edition when enrolled in a course.  E.g.: As long as you are enrolled in a course you will have access to the eBOOK for the life of the edition of the text.  Note: Students must have redeemed an access code to view the ebook. The ebook will not be available to those who are granted access during the 14 day grace period.

26 Log in, then click My Options in the upper right corner. Enter an email address if none is listed.  In Change Password, enter your new password, then re-enter your new password for confirmation.  Enter your current password in the lower left corner.  Click Save.  Resetting Your Password

27 Click Reset Password on the Login Page. You will need your username, institution code and the email address for your account. Otherwise, your instructor is able to reset your password.  What if I Forget My Password?

28  Links to the WebAssign Student Guide are available on your Login Page and after logging in.  The Student Guide Explains How to access and open assignments. How to answer various types of questions. How to ask your teacher for help. How to view scores and grades. How to find additional resources.  Student Guide

29  Your course is supported by a TA, Cody Holder. Reach him by clicking your ‘Ask Your Teacher’ link or emailing:  Phone support: (800) 955-8275, then press 1  Email support:  See the WebAssign support page at for support hours  Need Help?

30  Got Questions? Not sure what to buy? Look for me at the bookstore with textbook questions during the first 2 weeks of class or ask a bookstore staff member. Hi! I’m Andria, your Nelson rep.  ALSO: Student office hours for questions on the text and/or EWA will be held on:  Monday Sept. 12 th Rm. CAB 563 12pm-2pm  Thursday Sept. 15 th Rm. CAB 56310am-12pm  QUESTIONS?

31 Good luck & have a great school year!

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