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Environmental Health and Safety Compliance made easy 1 Laboratory Safety.

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1 Environmental Health and Safety Compliance made easy 1 Laboratory Safety

2 Environmental Health and Safety OSHA’s Laboratory Safety Standard  Applies to the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals  A hazardous chemical – a chemical that may cause acute or chronic health effects in exposed employees 2 Officially named: Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories, 29 CFR 1910.1450

3 Environmental Health and Safety The Lab Safety Standard Requires 3  Information & training  Exposure controls  Standard operating procedures (SOPs)  Chemical inventories, MSDS, container labeling  Properly functioning safety equipment  Emergency procedures  Medical consultation & exam  A written plan

4 Environmental Health and Safety A.Introduction B.Process Planning C.Emergency Planning D.Equipment E.Training F.General Lab Safety Practices G.Safety Practices for Specific Hazards H.Management of Unwanted Lab Materials (Waste) I.Exposure Assessment and Medical Care Appendix I: Forms Appendix II: Lab Related Manuals Laboratory Safety Manual New Old

5 Environmental Health and Safety A. Introduction 5  Defines a laboratory  Responsibilities

6 Environmental Health and Safety Setting Up a Lab 6 Use the new checklist checklist

7 Environmental Health and Safety B. Process Planning 7 Good planning can make the difference. New SOP form can be completed and printed onlineSOP form  Standard Operating Procedures  Special Procedures  Ordering  Permits/licenses/Registrations  Receipt and Distribution  Shipping  Use of Engineering Controls

8 Environmental Health and Safety C. Emergency Planning 8  Postings and Signage  Emergency Action Plan Be sure to include spill clean up proceduresspill clean up procedures

9 Environmental Health and Safety D. Equipment 9 Must be used properly, maintained in good condition, periodically inspected and properly disposed at the end of useful life. Ensure centrifuge carriage is balanced Inspect electrical wires for damage

10 Environmental Health and Safety Safety Equipment Enables you to: Avoid exposures Store hazards safely Respond to emergencies 10

11 Environmental Health and Safety Personal Protective Equipment 11  When PPE is required  Minimum for lab work Eye protection Lab coat Gloves Shoes with closed toes and heels  Policy  Selection assistance  Care and maintenance

12 Environmental Health and Safety E. Training 12  EH&S provided Lab Training Curriculum  Site-specific  Retain proof of completion Certificates Printout of My HistoryMy History Training History Site-Specific Training EH&S Fire Safety Training

13 Environmental Health and Safety Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 13  Provide information about the chemical and its hazards.  Must be available to employees.  Retain a copy.  Check for updates.  Where are MSDS obtained? With the product From the manufacturer Online MSDS EH&S MSDS Library

14 Environmental Health and Safety F. General Lab Safety Practices 14 Reduce the risk of employee exposure and injuries. Perform safety audits using Laboratory Safety Survey form. Laboratory Safety Survey Safe practices, labeling, storage, use, and surveys NOTE: Picture depicts Lab Safety training – be sure to wear proper attire when performing safety audits

15 Environmental Health and Safety G. Safety Practices for Specific Hazards 15 Corrosives Oxidizers Compressed and liquefied gases Peroxide formers Flammables and combustibles Others include: explosives, lasers, mercury, nanotechnology, etc.

16 Environmental Health and Safety H. Management of Unwanted Materials 16 Unwanted Biohazardous Materials Unwanted Chemicals Unwanted Equipment Unwanted Radiological Materials

17 Environmental Health and Safety I. Exposure Assessment & 17 Employees are asked to complete a Hazard Inventory form to identify monitoring needs and determine if medical surveillance is neededHazard Inventory form Medical Surveillance

18 Environmental Health and Safety Exposed or Injured 18  Employees Emergencies/after hours – Mary Greeley Medical Center Emergency Room @ 239-2155 or call 911 Normal working hours – McFarland Clinic Occupational Medicine Department @ 239-4496 1215 Duff Avenue First Report of Injury form  Students Emergencies/after hours – Mary Greeley Medical Center Emergency Room @ 239-2155 or call 911 Normal working hours – Thielen Student Health Center @ 239-5801 Sheldon and Union Drive Student Accident Report form

19 Environmental Health and Safety Action Plan…Using the Lab Safety Manual 1. Hazard Inventory 2. Training – EH&S provided and site-specific 3. Obtain permits/licenses/registrations 4. SOPs 5. Emergency Action Plans 6. Inventories 7. Ensure that materials are labeled, used, stored and disposed of properly 8. Annual lab audits using Lab Safety Survey 19

20 Environmental Health and Safety default.asp?action=article&ID=97

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