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A Summary Of The Facts Lesson Twelve

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1 A Summary Of The Facts Lesson Twelve
In This Final Lesson Let Us Review And Reconsider What We Have Learned. It May Be Helpful To Give A Brief Summary Of These Important Facts Concerning How To Be A New Testament Christian.

2 A Foundation For Christianity
Three Major Pillars Create A Foundation For Christianity.

3 The First Foundation Pillar
The First Pillar Is: “There Is A God.” Creation Itself Is Evidence Of A Creator (Romans 1:20). The Order That We Observe, Whether We Look Through A Microscope Or A Telescope, Tells Us There Is An Order Maker Or Designer.

4 Not An Accident This Universe Is Not The Result Of A Series Of Accidents But The Work Of A Mighty God. He Wants Us To Believe And Trust In Him (Hebrews 11:1). He Also Wants Us To Seek Him And Enjoy A Relationship With Him (Acts 17:24-27). He Has Revealed Himself And His Will For Us In His Inspired Word.

5 The Second Foundation Pillar
The Second Pillar Is: “The Bible Is The Word Of God.” The Men Who Held The Pen Claimed That God Inspired What They Wrote (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21). Most Of The Old Testament Prophets Began With, “The Word Of The Lord Came To Me . . .” (Hosea 1:1; Joel 1:1) Or “Thus Says The Lord” (Amos 1:3; Obadiah 1:1).

6 A Collection Of Books The Bible Is A Collection Of Sixty-six Books.
Written By Forty Men Over A 1400-year Period Of Time. It Tells Different Parts Of The Same Story. Yet They All Fit Together To Tell One Eternal Message.

7 God Loves You God Loves You Very Much, And He Wants You To Spend Eternity With Him. He Provided The Way By Sending His Son Jesus Christ As The Perfect Expression Of His Love.

8 The Third Foundation Pillar
The Third Pillar Is: “Jesus Is The Son Of God.” History Provides Abundant Evidence From Reliable Sources That There Was A Man Named Jesus. Secular Writers Have More To Say About Him Than Any Other Major Historical Character. You Must Search The Scriptures To Find Out What He Did To Be Put At The Top Of History’s Hall Of Fame.

9 Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy
Jesus Fulfilled All The Old Testament Law And Prophets Foretelling Of The Coming Messiah. He Claimed To Be The Son Of God And Substantiated His Claim By The Miracles He Worked. His Predicted And His Powerful Resurrection From The Dead Is Proof Positive Of His Claim (Romans 1:4). The Evidence Is Overwhelming. Jesus Is Both Lord And Christ.

10 The Sin Problem & God’s Solution
From The Very Beginning, Sin Has Been A Terrible Problem Between Man And God. It Separates Us From Him.

11 God’s Great Love God, Because Of His Great Love, Provided The Only Solution By Sending Jesus, A Perfect Sacrifice For Our Sin.

12 Jesus Was Crucified When Jesus Was Crucified, God’s Grace, Forgiveness, And Mercy Became Available To Each One Of Us.

13 His Resurrection! By His Resurrection, Christ Won Victory Over Death For All Who Trust In Him. God Has Revealed How He Would Have You Respond To His Love In Obedient Faith.

14 How Would God Have You Respond To His Amazing Love?
Jesus Is The Perfect Expression Of God’s Unconditional Love. What Are You Going To Do About Jesus? Consider His Claim To Be God’s Son. Examine The Evidence. Either Believe The Facts About Jesus Or Not. It Is Absolutely Necessary For Every Person To Make This Important Decision For Him Or Herself.

15 Surrender Your Life To Him
Once You Are Convinced That Jesus Is The Resurrected Son Of God, You Must Surrender Your Life To Him As Lord And Savior (Romans 10:9-10). When You Repent Of Your Sin And Are Buried With Christ In Baptism, God Washes Away All Your Sin With The Blood Of Jesus. He Gives You His Spirit To Live In You, And He Takes The Throne Of Your Life As Lord And King. He Also Adds You To The Number Of People He Promises To Save, His Church (Acts 2:38-42; Romans 6:3-4). Giving Your Life To Christ Is The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make.

16 Continued Faithfulness
Continued Faithfulness Is Vital To Your Eternal Destiny (Revelation 2:10). God Wants Your Faith To Grow And Mature. As You Continue To Learn Through Studying His Word, Fellowshipping With His Family, And Being Empowered By His Spirit, You Grow More Like Jesus Every Day (Romans 10:17; 2 Corinthians 3:17-18).

17 Satan Wants You Back Satan Wants You To Slide Back And Fall Away From Your Commitment To Follow Jesus. That Is Why It Is So Important To Meet With Other Disciples For Mutual Encouragement And Prayer And To Remember Jesus’ Sacrifice With The Lord’s Supper. There Is No Better Way To Live On Earth Than In Fellowship With God And His Church.

18 Conclusion God Has Done Everything Necessary For You To Have An “Out Of This World” Heavenly Existence With Him Forever. Jesus Said He Was Going To Prepare A Place For You And Then Come And Take You To Be With Him (John14:1-6). His Will Is For Everyone To Accept This Invitation. Responding To His Love With Obedient Faith Is A Choice Everyone Must Make For Him Or Herself.

19 How About You? Now How About You? Where Will You Spend Eternity?
You Can Know For Sure (1 John 5:13). Your Life Will Take On A Whole New Purpose Knowing You Are His And That Heaven Is Your Home. Make The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make. Heaven Is Too Great To Miss!

20 Share The Message Once You Are A Disciple Of Jesus, Share The Message
With Everyone In Your World. Tell Them Of God’s Incredible Love And Grace That Are Accessible Only In Christ Jesus. This Privilege And Responsibility Must Naturally Flow From A Heart Full Of Joy And Assurance (Psalm 51:12-13).

21 End Of Lesson

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