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READ ME For use in your presentation… The following slides are meant to help you with presentations that you are developing about Grand Valley. We’ve taken.

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1 READ ME For use in your presentation… The following slides are meant to help you with presentations that you are developing about Grand Valley. We’ve taken the five core marketing messages and presented them accordingly. In order to personify the messages, we’re hoping you will also use some examples from our Success Stories by copying and pasting both the photos and text into your presentations. You can find Success Stories at Consider using photos in your presentation, which can be pulled from the Photo Album at and feel free to edit the following slides as needed for your presentation. Call Institutional Marketing for assistance,

2 Grand Valley State University Grand Valley State University, established in 1960, is a four-year public university. It attracts more than 22,000 students with its high quality programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Grand Valley provides a fully accredited undergraduate and graduate liberal education and has campuses in Allendale, Grand Rapids, and Holland and centers in Muskegon and Traverse City. Grand Valley is the comprehensive regional university for the state’s second largest metropolitan area and offers 69 undergraduate and 25 graduate degree programs. The university is dedicated to individual student achievement, going beyond the traditional classroom experience, with research opportunities and business and agency partnerships. Grand Valley employs more than 1,700 people and is committed to providing a fair and equitable environment for the continued success of all.

3 Grand Valley State University Academic Excellence First-Rate Faculty Great Return on Investment State-of-the-Art Facilities Outstanding Locations

4 Academic Excellence Liberal education is the best preparation for life in a fast- changing world. Grand Valley offers a challenging liberal education that develops the whole person. It fosters the skills of inquiry, reflection, critical analysis, dialogue, knowledge integration, and expression for the benefits of lifelong learning and global citizenship. Graduate-level research opportunities for undergraduate students Diverse environment that promotes the development of intellect and creativity for both faculty and students Nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review


6 Academic Excellence Areas of Study200 Undergrad programs69 Grad programs25 Volumes in the library 667,000 Grads employed or seeking advanced degrees 90% Average class size 27 Study abroad programs available to GVSU students3,900 Student organizations230 Number of students (Fall ’04)22,565 Undergrads18,903 Grads3,662

7 First-Rate Faculty Talented & highly credentialed faculty dedicated to teaching Faculty actively engaged in their disciplines Faculty frequently developing mentoring relationships that last long after graduation Faculty 692 Support Staff 981


9 Great Return on Investment Smaller class sizes (average size of 27) ensure personal, interactive learning Faculty, not graduate students or teaching assistants, teach at all levels Exceptional student life (230 student organizations) and service learning experiences in world-class learning, living, and research facilities 90 percent of Grand Valley graduates are successfully employed or pursuing advanced degrees Recognized for ten years as one of “America’s 100 Best College Buys” by Educational Research and Evaluation, Inc.


11 Great Return on Investment Tuition/semesterLower divisionUpper division In-state$3,110$3,224 Out-of-state$6,255$6,466 Room and board$3,180 Alumni56,000 Endowment$46.3 million Private Funding (in 2005) $27.1 million

12 State-of-the-Art Facilities New academic, research, performance, and athletic facilities provide forums for learning on every level The Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, located in the heart of West Michigan’s life science corridor, prepares the next generation of professionals for advanced opportunities in health care research, education, diagnosis, and treatment Wireless academic buildings make connecting to email and the Internet easy and convenient Modern living centers are some of the newest in the state, tripling our number of beds over the past five years (We now have 5,291 beds)

13 Allendale Campus


15 Allendale Campus, Fieldhouse


17 Outstanding Locations The Pew Grand Rapids Campus is located in the heart of Michigan’s second largest city, close to internship, employment, and community outreach programs The free campus shuttle links students, faculty, and staff to the entire Grand Rapids transit system Grand Valley also offers bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Holland, Muskegon, and Traverse City

18 Acreage in Allendale1,237 Acreage in Grand Rapids37 Acreage in Holland20 Acreage in Muskegon (Lake Michigan Center )1 Parking spaces (Grand Rapids and Allendale)12,071 Outstanding Locations

19 Affirmative Action Statement of Grand Valley State University Grand Valley State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. It encourages diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the use of its facilities. It is committed to protecting the constitutional and statutory civil rights of persons connected with the university.


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