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2 INTERNET CHARITY FRUAD : THE COST OF GIVING Jonathon Virgill Computer 2903

3 Content What is Internet Charity fraud? How often does this happen? How you can prevent Internet Charity fraud? What Charities are doing to prevent Fraud? Conclusion

4 What is Internet Charity Fraud?? Scammers use the good will of charities and non profit organizations to run a scam. They exploit tragedies and claim to represent organizations such as the Red cross, Cure for cancer and Make a wish foundation.

5 How often does this happen? Internet Charity Fraud happens everyday but studies have shown that there is an increase in this fraud around times of natural disasters and World Wide Distress. Ex. September 11 th 2001 – Terrorist Attacks August 29 th 2005 – Hurricane Katrina Are just a few examples of the time scammers try to cash off of other people distress. While these scammers are out their collecting profit, people who are really in need of the funds get nothing.

6 How Can you Prevent Internet Charity Fraud? If you are approached by an unfamiliar Charity check it out Be cautious about emails seeking charitable contributions Be aware of similar names Ask how donations will be used Be cautious of one of the most popular scam “support the troops” Be especially cautious when there are natural or other disasters

7 What are Charities doing to prevent Internet Charity Fraud? All charities must register Charities are making it easy to call and find out if they are doing a fundraiser They are working with local police stations to locate and arrest scammers They send follow up information and newsletters about the status of the charity.

8 Conclusion Internet Charity fraud is one of the most common scams used today they target people who are trying to make a difference and give back. It is 100% detectable and avoidable. Charities and the police are doing all that they could in preventing this fraud and charities urge people to not let these scammers prevent you from giving back. The most important thing to remember is not to give credit card information to any unfamiliar source. Charities urge people to call and ask questions.

9 Questions

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