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Aleeza Abbasi Kristopher Fischer Tolulope Adeosun Ben Davis David Park.

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1 Aleeza Abbasi Kristopher Fischer Tolulope Adeosun Ben Davis David Park

2 Outline Introduction Step by Step Instructions Questions


4 As part of college experience, a working knowledge of MS Office is expected MS Office includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc and is used for projects and homework Assumption Our audience is familiar with computer systems Audience College students with little or no knowledge of PowerPoint tools Purpose To provide visualization to audience


6 Begin by clicking on start, which is located in the lower left side of the screen. Select all programs. This will open a list of all the installed programs that are on your computer

7 Navigate to Microsoft Office. Here you will find all of the Microsoft Office programs that are installed. Select Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

8 Creating a New Slide

9 Method 1: Create slide separate from existing presentation. Click on the office icon. Select New. Select blank presentation. Advantage: This is great for getting around formatting problems you may encounter.

10 Method 2: Creating slide in current presentation. Select the home tab which is located near office icon. Select new slide to make another slide with similar formatting as the previous slide. To alter the layout, select layout and pick desired layout.

11 Inserting text: After selecting the desired slide layout, select the box in which you would like to insert text. Begin typing.


13 Click on the Design tab located in between the insert and animation tabs. Underneath the themes column, several backgrounds are displayed. Select the desired background

14 To select additional background themes, click on the down arrow and choose from the featured backgrounds.


16 Click on the office button Select either Save or Save As Save: saves the current presentation to the current file. Save As: Gives you the ability to rename the presentation or save to another location

17 To open a previously saved presentation, click on the office button. Select open. This looks a lot like the save as window. Navigate to desired file and double click to open.


19 If you would like to give your audience handouts, click on the view tab and look under presentation views Select Handout Master to format how the handouts look. Click on the office icon and select print.

20 To begin the presentation, click on the view tab Select the slide show icon which is located in the presentation views column Every time you click or hit page down/up, the slide will change.

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