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Research Proposal Development of research question

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1 Research Proposal Development of research question
Delineation of methodology

2 Research Proposal Purpose of the study Importance of the research
Research protocol Justifies the feasibility

3 Research Proposal Synthesis of critical thinking
Guides data collection phase Outlines rules of conduct Will be scrutinized by IRB

4 Research Proposal Guidelines
1- Title Page New York Institute of Technology School of Allied Health and Life Sciences Department of Physical Therapy Title of Proposal Principal investigator Student Authors

5 Abstract A) Maximal 250 words
B) To include summary of the research proposal (covering all subheading listed below) C)Anticipated results

6 Background Information
Topics for the review of literature related to: A) Theory and supportive rationale, identifying the gaps or areas the current study will fill and critically evaluating existing knowledge. B) Related studies C) Sources of operational definitions and procedures for method section

7 Statement of Research Problem
A) Rationale and justification for the study B) Significance of the study

8 Purpose A) Specific aims or objectives
B) Research hypotheses and guiding questions C) Benefits

9 Method A) Subjects: characteristics, sampling method, plans for recruitment, inclusion/exclusion, potential risks, contingency plans, and confidentiality. B) Materials, instrumentation, validity and reliability of instrumentation

10 Method Procedures 1) Study design
2) Details of test and treatment administration and by whom 3) Data collection methods 4) Timetable and organizational chart 5)Equipment and facilities

11 Method Data Storage Data Management Statistical Analysis
Power Analysis

12 References According to the information for authors section of the Journal of Physical Therapy or any other peer reviewed journal agreed upon by your advisor

13 Informed Consent A) Purpose of the research project B) Procedures
C) Risks and discomforts E) Benefits F) Alternatives to participation G) Confidentiality

14 Informed Consent H) Request for more information
I) Request for withdrawal J) Injury statement K) Consent statement L) Signatures

15 Reporting Results Culmination of the research process
Communication of results Share knowledge - expands professional body of knowledge Written article in a referred journal Oral reports Poster presentations

16 Platform Presentations
~ Platform Presentations 1) Background and significance 2) Aims and Hypotheses 3) Research Design and Methodology 4) Results 5) Discussion and Conclusions

17 Poster Presentation 1) 4ft high by 8ft wide

18 Poster Presentation 2) All major elements of the study should be presented in a clear, brief series of statements including the title, author, purpose, hypothesis or specific aims, methods, results and discussions and conclusions.

19 Poster Presentation 3) The poster should be self explanatory, content should include key words and phrases and not necessarily complete sentences

20 Poster Presentation 4) Introductory materials should be placed at the top left and the conclusions at the bottom right. Methods and results should be displayed prominently in the center.

21 Journal Article 1) The faculty advisor and Research Committee will agree upon the appropriate peer-reviewed journal that the report will be submitted to. 2) The report will follow the Instruction to Authors section of that specific peer-reviewed journal.

22 Journal Article: Abstract
Overview and purpose of study General description of methods Highlights of results Statement of significance of results General conclusions

23 Journal Article: Introduction
Statement of the problem Clinical relevance Review of literature Rationale of theoretical framework Specific purpose and hypotheses

24 Journal Article: Methods
Study design Criteria for and methods of subject selection Description and number of subjects Measurement methods and data collection techniques Data analysis procedures

25 Journal Article: Results
Narrative description of statistical outcomes Tables and figures that summarize findings Statements to support or reject hypothesis

26 Journal Article: Discussion and Conclusions
Interpretation of statistical outcomes Discussion of clinical significance of outcomes Importance of the work Comparison of results with work of others How results support or conflict with theory Critique of the study Limitations and strengths Suggestions for further study

27 Journal Article: References
List of all references cited in the study

28 Writing Style Passive vs. active
One hour was spent by the raters to observe the patient’s movement patterns so that the number of changes in static posture could be documented. The raters spent one hour observing the patient’s movement patterns to document the number of changes in static posture.

29 Simplicity of Language
in light of the fact that = because with the exception of = except in spite of the fact that = although is designed to improve = improves due to the fact that = because was found to have = had immediately prior to = before

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