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The Basic MOSFET Current Source

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1 The Basic MOSFET Current Source
Single-Stage Integrated-Circuit Amplifiers The Basic MOSFET Current Source sedr42021_0604.jpg Figure 6.4 Circuit for a basic MOSFET constant-current source.

2 MOS Current-Steering Circuits
sedr42021_0607.jpg Figure 6.7 A current-steering circuit.

3 The Common-Source Amplifier
sedr42021_0617a.jpg Figure (a) Active-loaded common-source amplifier. (b) Small-signal analysis of the amplifier in (a), performed both directly on the circuit diagram and using the small-signal model explicitly.

4 sedr42021_0618a.jpg Figure The CMOS common-source amplifier; (a) circuit; (b) i–v characteristic of the active-load Q2; (c) graphical construction to determine the transfer characteristic; and (d) transfer characteristic.

5 The Common-Gate Amplifier
sedr42021_0627a.jpg Figure (a) Active-loaded common-gate amplifier. (b) MOSFET equivalent circuit for the CG case in which the body and gate terminals are connected to ground. (c) Small-signal analysis performed directly on the circuit diagram with the T model of (b) used implicitly. (d) Operation with the output open-circuited.

6 sedr42021_0628a.jpg Figure (a) The output resistance Ro is found by setting vi 5 0. (b) The output resistance Rout is obtained by setting vsig 5 0.

7 sedr42021_0629.jpg Figure The impedance transformation property of the CG configuration.

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