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County Realty ELC 200 Ecommerce Initiative By Danielle Forino.

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1 County Realty ELC 200 Ecommerce Initiative By Danielle Forino

2 What Exactly is it?? Real Estate is defined as land and everything permanently attached to it. -A garage built on the property IS Real Estate, the broke down tractor in the garage is Personal Property. No two parcels are identical which makes each piece unique Real Estate is said to be immoveable therefore buyers must travel to see it! – This is a thing of the past!!

3 Through my ecommerce initiative I am going to offer the highest quality of service as a professional real estate agent. County Realty marketing allows customers and clients to view real estate online as if they were right there. County Realty will be a seller as well as a buyer agency This means my agency may work exclusively for both buyers and sellers of real estate.

4 We owe all of our customers Honesty Competency Comply with the laws Disclosure of Material Defects In addition to this ……

5 We owe all of our clients Fiduciary Duties Obedience Loyalty Due Diligence Confidentiality Accountability Reasonable Care

6 For My Sellers Maximum amount of exposure for their listed property Updates on Progress with their property, including Monthly Reports showing how many hits their property has received through the websites and search engines Follow ups on all showings

7 For My Sellers Cont. Comparative Market Analysis Report containing at least 2 comparable properties. Guarantee their realtor will work to get them the best price for their property within ethical and legal limitations

8 For My Buyers Their contracted Realtor will help them find the property best suited to their liking. Their contracted Realtor will go above and beyond to make sure the property of their choice is what the seller claims it to be. Guarantee their realtor will work to get them the lowest price for their property within ethical and legal limitations

9 Action I have chosen this particular idea because I am currently licensed by the Maine Real Estate Commission as a Sales Agent and although I have only been in the field for 6 months I do enjoy it. To pursue this plan I must acquire a Designated Broker’s License.

10 How do I become a D.B. – First I need to become an Associate Broker Within two years of obtaining my sales agent license, I must complete and pass a 60 hour class known as the Associate Broker’s Course. Along with this class the documented field experience form must be completed.

11 Acquiring Designated Broker License Cont. Must hold AB 1yr immediately before applying for DB or.. 1yr as a Sales agent with a Two year business degree (60 credit hours) including sales agent course, associate broker course and designated broker course. Applying within 5 years of completion of the degree A DB must attain 21 credit hours and submit reapplication every two years.

12 Typical Broker Business Model Our Clients and Customers are most important! We get paid by a commission only when there is a closing Being online is going to speed up this process as well as cut down on the expense for our customers and clients

13 Who buys Real Estate?? People looking for retirement property, or vacation property First time homebuyers; typically men and women in their 20s and early 30s. (these people are always online) Head of a household with a growing family (don’t really have time to drive around viewing all sorts of homes) People who have lost their home to tragedy (don’t usually have the money to drive around viewing many homes) Investors (also online quite often)

14 These people may not be able to buy real estate online but they will be able to…..  Narrow down there search to a few properties of their liking by viewing pictures and virtual tours as well as property specs and property disclosures.  Get info on the town before living in the area  Get an estimate of mortgage payments  Find out about listings as they become available and contact an agent within the office almost immediately  Send and receive emails, forms, and contracts quickly and reliably

15 Why choose County Realty over any other Realtor? Let’s check out some of the competition St. John Valley Realty Aroostook Real Estate Cyr Real Estate

16 Most people like pictures more than words I know I do! County Realty will initially show more pictures, if the client or customer is interested then they can continue and view a virtual tour and property data as well as disclosures.

17 Most people have an idea of what they want! For example Price Range, # of Bedrooms, # of Baths, Acreage. Visitors will have the ability to narrow down their search according to what is important to them. In addition County Realty will be a member of Maine MLS which currently advertises through 19 different search engines.

18 County Realty If you are seller and are looking for maximum exposure for your property, and a guarantee that the qualified buyer willing to give you best return for your home is the one you close with than County Realty should be your #1 Choice If you are a buyer and want to make sure you get the property that is best suited for your wants and needs and a process that is easy and smooth as possible then County Realty should be your #1 choice!

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