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Weather By Jihan Medhat.

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1 Weather By Jihan Medhat

2 Kinds of Weather sunny windy cloudy rainy snowy

3 Kinds of Weather It may rain a lot Warm People wear light jackets.
Birds build their nests People plant their flowers Many animals have young. Seeds sprout. Trees get buds, then leaves. . Flowers bloom

4 Kinds of Weather Plants grow. Fruits grow and ripen.
Young animals grow and get stronger. Gets hot. People wear light clothing. They may go swimming or do other outdoor activities.

5 Kinds of Weather Air gets cooler and windy
People wear heavier clothes. Fewer hours during the day Leaves may change colors. Leaves, and nuts fall from trees Animals get ready for winter by eating a lot or storing food for times when food is hard to find Birds fly to warmer places.

6 Kinds of Clothes Weather is cooler. It gets very cold and snows in some places. Some plants die. Others lose their leaves. Animals might have a hard time finding food. People wear heavier clothes to keep them warm. Children make snow figures.

7 Tools to Measure Weather
Thermometer Wind gauge Rain gauge

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