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Case Study 6 Presented by: James Raymond Tuesday, December 6, 2004.

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1 Case Study 6 Presented by: James Raymond Tuesday, December 6, 2004

2 Company 6 A supplier of consumer packaged goods (CPG) Strong and Positive reputation among it’s customers Have recently invested in new technology Competitors recently have done the same.

3 Problems They surveyed random customers Customers where dissatisfied with Company 6 and favored it’s competitors They surveyed their employees and their competitors. The employees who were surveyed for company 6 were considering to flee.

4 Company 6 Solution Provide many customized designs and services that would be superior to it’s competitors.

5 E-Business Marketing Goal Create an online customer portal Focus on sophisticated technology (with available upgrades) for internal, external, and interactive markets. The company used the Zeitaml and Bitner method.

6 Internal Marketing During site construction, Company 6 used it’s employee’s for usability test and would use their suggestions. They created a project which would make the employee feel as though they were part of a team, or possibly part of the company.

7 Eternal Marketing Internal Marketing Employees Customers Company External Marketing Interactive Marketing technology

8 7 P’s of Service Marketing Price Promotion Product Placement People Process Physical Evidence

9 Primary Stakeholders Customers Employees

10 Value Bubble Engaged the customers with simple, yet generally effective site. The Company used: GIFs HTML Java Embedded Email Image mapping.

11 Attracting Used metatags for search engines to get the consumer interested in company 6 Used large terms that made it difficult for company 6 to show up on search engines. Corrugated box = CARDBOARD Competiors showed up on search engines before company 6

12 Engage Used Coldfusion databases to handle feedback from customers and employees Used Java for an online carton calculator. Used Inline Links, or links within the text. Cascading style sheets No back button in targeted links Dynamic facilities location map

13 Retaining Easy to use site Site made to bring customers to brick and mortar, rather then an online facility. Up to date company news link Only gave the phone number and email address, rather then a news story of any news.

14 Learning Only uses 1 monitoring technology: Embedded Email. Most email links are to sales dept.

15 Relating No Relating phase can be used currently Company 6 plans on adding log-on pages, which would help the customer by presenting a personalized page This has not happened.

16 Overview Company 6 will likely fail. Lack of learning and relating technology. Customers will likely do business with other sites, rather then Company 6

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