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Mission Statement, Management Philosophy Goals and Objectives

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1 Mission Statement, Management Philosophy Goals and Objectives
What are Objectives & What do they do?

2 Introduction The team will present a statement of philosophy. It may include a team mission statement or other statement that helps frame the week. The team will present a list of goals and objectives for the week. These are your targets to accomplish. The team will state how these goals and objectives relate to the 3 RKR goals. The remainder of this Management Plan will include the strategies and actions that your team will undertake to accomplish the goals and objectives. Goals and Objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

3 Objectives To Be Successful You Will Need to Have a Mission Statement and Set Objectives for Your Project. By the End of This Session You Will Be Able to: Create a Mission Statement Set Objectives

4 Mission Statement A Mission Statement describes your unique purpose during your management week. It captures what qualities your team wants to develop, accomplish, and contributions your team wants to make.

5 Mission Statement - Guide
A mission statement becomes a guide for your management week, inspiring you to make decisions that will best help you you reach your goals and fulfill your vision. The Mission Statement should be narrow enough to give direction and guidance to everyone in the business. Large enough to allow the business to grow and realize its potential. Must be realistic, achievable, and brief. And, it should capture the essence of an organization without being so vague that it could apply to every other organization too.

6 Sound Business Practice
Whether you have just launched a new business, want to smooth out some bumps within your existing organization, or want to take your existing business/organization to the next level, you need to implement sound business practices. Publishing a Mission Statement IS a Sound Business Practice.

7 A Focused Team Without a Mission Statement an organization will flounder and pull in different directions. Employees must be clear about business intent if you want a team that's focused on the priorities. This is another great example of where "more is less". The more time that goes by without formally developing and publishing the organizational Mission Statement, the less likely one could focus and position their team to achieve the desired next level of success.

8 Positive Results Some of the positives that can result from establishing a Mission Statement are: Greatly improved business focus Everyone has the same corporate/organizational image - no misunderstandings Enhances the professional perception of your business Fosters a team oriented environment Enhances employee morale Helps attract and retain the best people

9 Where to Start? Write down ideas for your mission statement.
Describe how you want to manage/operate [your management week] Don’t worry if it is not perfect, this is just your first draft.

10 Helpful Sites What should our mission statement say? Principles of Strategic Management How to Draft a Mission Statement Work Place Tool Box

11 What are objectives? Objectives are statements of desired outcomes or expectations “Managing Without Objectives Is Like Taking A Trip Without Knowing The Destination”

12 Objectives Are Necessary
“Objectives Are Necessary If Performance Results Influence Company Survival & Growth” Peter Drucker

13 What Do Objectives Do? Focus Attention Justify Reasons for Orders
People, Money, Equipment Justify Reasons for Orders Provide a Planning Base Give Direction Provide Data Indicate Problems


15 Example (bad) “The Restaurant Will Receive Few Complaints Next Month.”
Unclear - How many is few - not measurable Interpreted differently by different supervisors A vague Goal

16 Example (Good) “The hotel will achieve 85% room occupancy in the next quarter.” Clear – Measurable – Attainable (?)

17 Management by objectives

18 Setting Objectives What is to be accomplished Who is responsible
How will it be accomplished The OBJECTIVE When is it to be accomplished

19 How do you start setting objectives?
Be Realistic Sometimes resources are not available Concentrate on what is important Not all objectives have equal importance Prioritize

20 How do you start setting objectives?
Ask relevant questions You must know exactly what is to be accomplished How, When, Who & Why Be results oriented Be clear with your goals & communication Know what exactly you want to achieve

21 How do you start setting objectives?
Assign responsibility Give specific responsibility for assignment areas Fix time frames Set deadlines for results to be achieved by

22 How do you start setting objectives?
Measure & Monitor Evaluate & compare - seek / give feedback - revise plan if necessary - develop future objectives & plans

23 Are there different types of objectives?
YES - many….???

24 Strategic Objectives Long range objective planning
Deal with cost controls Budgets, Profitability Market decisions Made by top executives usually

25 Tactical objectives Short range objective planning
Deal with routine tasks Often part of supervisors’ job

26 How do you start setting objectives?
Qualitative objectives - Relating to standards & quality (+/-) - Hard to measure Quantitative objectives - Relating to production achievements - Easier to measure

27 Qualitative and quantitative objectives again can split into:
Decision oriented objectives If a decision is made to remedy a particular problem - that will determine objectives Routine objectives Relate to everyday work operations – concerned mainly with routine / repetitive jobs

28 Qualitative and quantitative objectives again can split into:
Creative objectives Involve new ideas, applied in a creative or flexible way to enhance productivity, profitability or both Personal objectives Specific goals you seek to accomplish in your own work

29 Relate Objectives to RKR Goals
Goals of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch: 1.     Exceed Guest Expectations 2.     Provide Total Support to Your Staff 3.     Manage the Business Professionally

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