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Operating a Commercial Revitalization Program with the Main Street Approach.

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1 Operating a Commercial Revitalization Program with the Main Street Approach

2 Understanding Main Street What happened to Main Street?

3 Vehicle - aholics

4 T hen Came

5 The “Four” Points of the Main Street Approach Design Organization Promotion Economic Restructuring Safety & Cleanliness

6 Urban Neighborhood Issues Multi-cultural issues More Image problems- Real and Perceived Fewer local volunteers

7 Neighborhood Main Street Initiative Results of Demonstration $31 million in public and private investment 200 net new businesses 835 new jobs Improved Perceptions Sense of Pride and Place

8 Why Main Street Works The 8 Guiding Principles Comprehensive Incremental Self-Help Partnerships Assets Quality Change Implementation

9 Stakeholders Business Owners/ Merchant Orgs Property owners Residents Consumers City Staff Other Public Agencies Non-Profit Orgs Civic Orgs Professionals Bankers Econ Dvlpmt organizations Schools Media Chamber of Commerce Artists Other

10 Main Street Approach Organization

11 Four Point Approach DESIGN Coordinate efforts to improve the physical appearance of individual businesses and the Main Street area as a whole Public Improvements –Streetscape Improvements –Cultural Arts Banners –Park improvements –Bus Shelters, etc. Historic Preservation –Building Restoration –Historic Markers Façade Improvements –Matching Grants –Design Assistance

12 Four Point Approach Design Façade Improvements

13 Wrong message

14 Beautification Projects Public Art Involve community Community Buy-In Maintenance Plan

15 Neighborhood Context

16 Historic context

17 Main Street Approach Safety and Cleanliness Enhance the Public Safety and Cleanliness of the Main Street area Safety –Constructive relationship with Police & with service agencies Cleanliness –Youth Ambassadors –Clean-up Events –Improved Trash Cans Education

18 Safety and Cleanliness

19 Main Street Approach Promotion Image Enhancement –Business Directory –Signs and Banners Retail Events –Sidewalk Sales –A Taste of ……… Special Events –Cultural Festivals Market the commercial district creating an identity that residents are proud of and that helps local businesses succeed

20 Special Events Dia de los Muertos Fruitvale Festival

21 Main Street Approach Economic Restructuring Market Analysis –Community Market Strategy –Customer Surveys, etc. Business Assistance –Group Workshops –One-on-one business assistance Business Attraction –Outreach Program –Space Locator Service Strengthen and broaden the economic base of the neighborhood commercial district

22 Niche Opportunities & Constraints

23 Business/Property owner education Seminars One-on-one’s Other types of Communication Four Point Approach Economic Restructuring

24 Urban Success Factors Funding Unified organization Dedicated, pro-active Manager Program acts as a “Bridge” Action Plan –Tangible accomplishments

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