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OM480 Defining the Project Parameters – Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) (With Material from the Text Authors)

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1 OM480 Defining the Project Parameters – Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) (With Material from the Text Authors)

2 Overview Scheduling Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) Precedence Relationships PERT/CPM Activity Networks

3 Scheduling Project = Problem scheduled for solution Requires: –Planning –Organizing –Coordinating –Directing –Controlling gninnalP drawkcaB Forward organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling

4 Project Management Trade-Offs Performance Quality CostTime

5 © Project Priority Matrix Constrain Enhance Accept TimePerformanceCost

6 Hierarchical Breakdown of the WBS 1 2 3 4 Project Deliverable Subdeliverable Lowest subdeliverable Cost account* Work package 5 Complete project Major deliverables Supporting deliverables Lowest management responsibility level Grouping of work packages for monitoring progress and responsibility Identifiable work activities LevelHierarchical breakdownDescription *This breakdown groups work packages by type of work within a deliverable and allows assignment of responsibility to an organizational unit. This extra step facilities a system for monitoring project progress

7 WBS – Key Terms Objectives: Logical division of project –“How much by when” –Tied to specifications Tasks: Specific outcomes related to Objective Activities: Individual actions within a Task –A desired result Input(s) Transformation Output

8 WBS - Process Break down Objectives to Tasks to Activities Strive for single input yielding single output Measurable by hours to days Present in hierarchical methods (trees) Rely on “doers” over “experts”

9 WBS - Precedence Sequencing of activities based on relationship(s) Categories –Technical Requirements Physical movements –Safety and Efficiency Separate from technical requirements –Policy/Preference Decisions Aesthetics, approvals, other considerations –Resource Constraints $, equipment, skills, time

10 Work Breakdown Structure Personal computer prototype Vendor, software, applications Mouse, keyboard, voice Disk storage units Microprocessor unit More items FloppyHardOptical Internal memory unit BIOS (basic input/output system) ROM RAM I/OFileUtilities MotorCircuit board Chassis frame Read/write head WP-1MWP-1 CBWP-1 CFWP-1 RWH WP-2 CBWP-2 CFWP-2 RWH WP-3 CBWP-3 CFWP-3 RWH WP-4 CBWP-4 RWH WP-5 CBWP-5 RWH WP-6 CB WP-7 CB ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Work packages Lowest manageable subdeliverables Level 1 2 3 4 5

11 Integration of WBS and OBS Time

12 WBS/Work Packages to Network Circuit board Design cost account Production cost account Test cost account Software cost account Lowest element OrganizatioUnitsOrganizatioUnits Design WP D-1-1 Specifications WP D-1-2 Documentation Production WP P-10-1 Proto 1 WP P-10-2 Final Proto 2 Test systems WP T-13-1 Test Software WP S-22-1 Software preliminary WP S-22-1 Software final version B Proto 1 5 D Final proto 2 4 A Specifications and documentation 2 C Preliminary software 3 F Final software 2 K Test 3 A D-1-1 D-1-2 B P-10-1 D P-10-2 F S-22-2 K T-13-1 C S-22-1

13 Duration and Activities Effort is not duration –Time spent in actual “work” Duration lasts longer –Elapsed time from activity start to finish –Imagine “NFL two-minute warning” More on specific techniques in Chs 6-8 Realities of Duration Planning –Deliveries –Breakdowns/Repairs –Approvals

14 PBS for Software Development Project

15 Responsibility Matrix

16 Example Responsibility Matrix: Conveyor Belt Project

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