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The Clusters David Agnew ASU-Jonesboro. Cluster Facts: Old and New Clusters are a means of organizing or categorizing all job or occupations. Developed.

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1 The Clusters David Agnew ASU-Jonesboro

2 Cluster Facts: Old and New Clusters are a means of organizing or categorizing all job or occupations. Developed by the U.S. Office of Education Until year 2000 there were 15 clusters. In 2000 the USOE put forth a new system which was 16 clusters. This was more than just adding another number it was a reorganization and redistribution of jobs or occupations into new clusters.

3 Old 15 Cluster System Agri-business & Natural Resources Health Business and Office Public Service Communications & Media Transportation Construction Consumer & Homemaking Environmental Fine Arts & Humanities Personal Services Hospitality & Recreation Manufacturing Marine Science Marketing & Distribution

4 NEW -- 16 Clusters Systems Agriculture & Natural Resources Architecture & Construction Arts, Audio, Video. Technology & Communications Business & Administration Education & Training Finance Government & Public Administration Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law & Public Safety Manufacturing Retail wholesale Sales & Service Scientific Research & Engineering Transportation. Distribution, & Logistics

5 Comparison of Old and New System 15 Old –Agri-business & Natural Resources –Health –Business and Office –Public Service –Communications & Media –Transportation –Construction –Consumer & Homemaking –Environmental –Fine Arts & Humanities –Personal Services –Hospitality & Recreation –Manufacturing –Marine Science –Marketing & Distribution 16 New –Agriculture & Natural Resources –Architecture & Construction –Arts, Audio, Video. Technology & Communications –Business & Administration –Education & Training –Finance –Government & Public Administration –Health Science –Hospitality & Tourism –Human Services –Information Technology –Law & Public Safety –Manufacturing –Retail wholesale Sales & Service –Scientific Research & Engineering –Transportation. Distribution, & Logistics

6 Cluster Components: Old and New… In the old 15 cluster system there were divisions called job families. These were subcategories under the cluster titles. NEW 16 cluster system these are called job pathways instead of families Example job pathways for the Finance Cluster with new system: –Banking and Finance –Financial Planning –Insurance Services

7 At the 2001 CO conference a Committee presented the following Power Point slide presentation


9 SWEET SIXTEEN Presented by: Earlene D. Brecheen, Gosnell; Bettye Dillard, Hamburg; Vic Dreier, Springdale; Peggy Hill, DeQueen; Tina Humphrey, Dollarway; Donna R. Raines, Warren, Shelma Winningham, Bald Knob


11 WHAT’S NEW FOR YOU? Number of weeks recommended per unit Sixteen (16) Cluster Areas –Definitions –Logos –Terminology –Job Pathways instead of Job Families Appendices Glossary Test correlates with the Frameworks



14 Agriculture & Natural Resources

15 DEFINITION Agriculture & Natural Resources–occupations dealing with: growing plants and harvesting crops for commercial and scientific purposes; raising and training animals; the health of plants and animals; the use of natural resources; and the management of agricultural businesses and production of agricultural goods. JOB PATHWAYS Agricultural Sciences, Processes, and Support Services Agricultural Management, Production, and Operations Conservation and Natural Resources Horticulture, Landscaping, and Ground Keeping


17 DEFINITION Architecture & Construction–occupations dealing with: the design, planning, managing, building, and maintenance of physical structures such as roadways, bridges, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential facilities and buildings. JOB PATHWAYS Architecture and Construction Design Residential and Commercial Construction Residential and Commercial Installation and Services

18 Arts, Audio, Video, Technology, & Communications

19 DEFINITION PATHWAYS Arts, Audio, Video, Technology, & Communications–occupations dealing with: designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, publishing multimedia content (includes visual, performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services). Audio and Video Technologies Commercial and Graphic Design Crafts and Fine Arts Journalism, Writing, and Broadcasting Music and Performing Arts


21 DEFINITION Business & Administration–occupations dealing with: planning, managing, and providing administrative support, information processing, business communications, accounting, and human resource management services and related business management support services. JOB PATHWAYS Accounting and Related Occupations Administrative Support Services Business Management



24 DEFINITION Education & Training–occupations dealing with: planning, administering, managing and providing education and training services; related learning support services such as library, information services, child care, and counseling services; also includes preparatory medical training in educational settings. JOB PATHWAYS Child Care Education Administration, Evaluation, and Curriculum Educational Counseling Librarianship Pre-professional Medical Studies Teaching/training


26 DEFINITION Finance–occupations dealing with; specifically–banking, investment, financial planning, economics, and insurance services, including managing and planning for firms and businesses involved in such services. JOB PATHWAYS Banking and Finance Financial Planning Insurance Services


28 DEFINITION Government & Public Administration–occupations dealing with: planning, managing, and providing government legislative, administrative, and regulatory services; includes government services at the federal, state, and local levels such as public finance and planning. JOB PATHWAYS Governmental Relations Public Administration Public Finance and Planning


30 DEFINITION Health Science–occupations dealing with: planning, managing, and providing diagnostic, therapeutic, treatment, research, and information services related to the physical and mental health of humans. JOB PATHWAYS Diagnostic and Treatment Technologies Health and Medical Care Services Health Treatment Specialties Medical Science and Research Mental Health Services



33 DEFINITION Hospitality & Tourism–occupations dealing with the provision of lodging, food, recreation, convention, tourism, travel and related planning and support services. JOB PATHWAYS Food Production and Services Lodging, Housekeeping, and Janitorial Services Recreation, Gaming, and Sports Travel and Tourism


35 DEFINITION Human Services–occupations dealing with: promoting and providing individual, family and community relations and wellness including family and work issues, religious services, care for the elderly, and social work. JOB PATHWAYS Family and Consumer Sciences Religious Services Social Services


37 DEFINITION Information Technology–occupations dealing with: the design, programming, development, management, maintenance, and operation of computer, information, communication, and technology networks, including related hardware and software. JOB PATHWAYS Business Information Systems Computer Systems Analysis and Engineering Services Hardware Support and Services Programming and Software Development


39 DEFINITION Law & Public Safety–occupations dealing with: police work, the law and legal services, the judicial (court) system, the study and detention of criminals, and fire protection. JOB PATHWAYS Criminal Justice and Corrections Fire Protection Law and Legal Services



42 DEFINITION Manufacturing–occupations dealing with the process of creating intermediate and finished products beginning with raw materials; includes managing, planning, and performing the production of various items by operating machinery, as well as industrial support activities, such a production planning and control, and maintenance. JOB PATHWAYS Industrial Management Industrial Technology and Maintenance Precision Metal and Machining Production Operations


44 DEFINITION Retail/wholesale Sales & Services–occupations dealing with: marketing, advertising or otherwise promoting and selling merchandise; includes managing retail establishments, making merchandise-specific repair, and providing personal services (e.g. cosmetics, hairstyling, funeral services) to customers. JOB PATHWAYS Fashion Merchandising and Design Interior Merchandising and Design Marketing and Public Relations Personal Services Precision Repair


46 DEFINITION Scientific Research & Engineering–occupations dealing with: engineering, related technologies, scientific research and application of scientific principles in all the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, etc.) and social sciences (e.g. economics, sociology, geography, archeology, anthropology, etc.). This does not include specific medical, agricultural, or food sciences. JOB PATHWAYS Engineering Engineering Technologies Natural Sciences Social Sciences


48 DEFINITION JOB PATHWAYS General Distribution Transportation Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Installation and Repairs Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics–occupations dealing with: planning and managing the movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air rail, and water; includes related professional and technical support services such as transportation planning and management, logistics services, and mobile equipment and facility maintenance.


50 Created by: William King Gosnell High School May, 2001

51 Should your students know the clusters? Two points of views…..Yes and No Yes --- The purpose of CO is to give students an overview of the world of work. The 12000 or so jobs need to be arranged in some logical order so that students can research and study careers in a logical manner. But the knowledge that there are 16 clusters may be more important than naming them all. No --- Knowing the cluster is not that important. This is really useless knowledge that waste the student time to learn.

52 How can I teach them the clusters? Simple memorize –Have them work on this on their own and then give rewards for those who learn first –Have then either recite in class or have them write on paper. –Use some classroom group recitation activities. Game(s) –Circle of chairs each person states one and then next person says previous one and one more…. –Write on board and erase a little as you all repeat them out loud Pneumonic(s) A system to help lead lists by using first letter of word(s).

53 Pneumonic There had been a good easy Pneumonic that had been developed and used by teachers in AR for many years for the old 15cluster system. My summer class of 2001 developed their own Pneumonic as a class assignment. I have two here that I will share. The first was presented at CO Conference in Summer 2001 by Allie Brooks, then student and later the CO teacher at Brookland. The second was developed by 2 ag guys and a coach at the Dequeen site.

54 The Sweet Sixteen: The Easy Way Allie Brooks Brookland High School

55 The Easy Way B E G M R S. L I F T HA HA HA

56 B E G B Business and Administration E Education and Training G Government and Public Administration

57 M R S. M Manufacturing R Retail and Wholesale Sales and Service S Scientific Research and Engineering

58 L I F T L Law and Public Safety I Information Technology F Finance T Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

59 HA H Health Science A Agriculture and Natural Resources H Human Services A Arts, Audio/ Video, Tech, Communication

60 HA H Hospitality and Tourism A Architecture and Construction

61 This works for some people…..

62 An --------------Agriculture and Natural Resources Ant -------------Architecture and Construction Always ---------Arts, Audio, Video, Technology & Communications Brings ---------- Business and Administration Every ---------- Education and Training Good ----------Government and Public Administration Friend --------- Finance He------------- Human Services Has------------Health Science To -------------Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Help-----------Hospitality and Tourism Look ----------Law and Public Safety In---------------Information Technology McDonalds----Manufacturing Restaurant -----Retail/Whole Sales Scraps----------Science, Research and Engineering Developed by CO Class from 2001, Arkansas State University

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