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1 Pertemuan 13 Membangun Expert System Matakuliah: H0383/Sistem Berbasis Pengetahuan Tahun: 2005 Versi: 1/0.

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1 1 Pertemuan 13 Membangun Expert System Matakuliah: H0383/Sistem Berbasis Pengetahuan Tahun: 2005 Versi: 1/0

2 2 Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : Merangkaikan tahapan-tahapan dalam membangun expert systems

3 3 Outline Material Fasa/Tahapan membangun expert systems Beberapa syarat/pertimbangan untuk membangun expert systems yang baik

4 4 Phase I: Project Initialization Problem definition Needs assessment Evaluation of alternative solutions (availability of experts, education and training, packaged knowledge, conventional software) Verification of an expert systems approach (requirements, justification, appropriateness): Consideration of managerial issues (project initiator, financing, resources,legal and other constrains, selling the project, identifying a champion) Approval of the project in principle

5 5 12 Requirements to ES 1.Task does not require common sense. 2.Task requires only cognitive, not physical skills. 3.At least one genuine expert exists. 4.Experts can articulate their methods to solve problems. 5.Experts agree on the knowledge and the solution approach to the problem. 6.Task is not too so difficult.

6 6 12 Requirements to ES 7.Well understood and defined clearly. 8.Task definition fairly stable. 9.Conventional (algorithmic) computer solution technique are not satisfactory. 10.Incorrect or non optimal result can be tolerated. 11.Data and test cases are available. 12.The task’s vocabulary has no more than a couple of hundred concept.

7 7 8 Justification to ES Development 1.Solution to the problem has a high payoff. 2.ES preserve human expertise not to change. 3.Expertise is needed in many location. 4.In hostile and hazardous environments. 5.Expertise improve performance and quality. 6.System can be used for training. 7.ES solution can be derived faster than human. 8.ES is more consistent and accurate than a human.

8 8 Appropriateness of the ES: Nature of the problem: problem have symbolic structure and solution is heuristic. The task is decomposable. Complexity: neither too easy nor too difficult for human expert Scope of problem : manageable size and should have some practical value.

9 9 Phase II:System Analysis and Design Conceptual design and plan Development strategy Source of knowledge Selection Computing resources Feasibility study: –Economic: cost of system development, maintenance, cash flow and risk analysis –Technical: interface requirement, networking issues, availability of knowledge and data, knowledge representation scheme. –Operational: availability of human and other source. Needs and user support.

10 10 Phase II: System Analysis and Design Cost benefit analysis Ending milestone: approved complete project plan

11 11 Phase III: Rapid Prototyping Building a small prototype Testing, Improving, Expanding Demonstrating and analyzing feasibility Completing Design

12 12 Phase IV: System Development Building Knowledge Base Testing, Evaluating, and improving Knowledge base Planning for Integration

13 13 Phase V: Implementation Acceptance by Users Installation, Demonstration, Deployment Orientation, Training Security Documentation Integration Field Testing

14 14 Phase VI: Post Implementation Operation Maintenance and upgrades Periodic evaluation

15 15 Penutup The ES should be developed to fulfill a recognized and important need. The processing speed of the system should be very high. The ES should be able to increase the expertise of the user Error correction should be easy to perform The program should be able to respond to simple question

16 16 Penutup The system should be capable of asking question to gain additional information. Program knowledge should be easy modified.(add, delete, modify rules) The user should fell that they are in control Input requirement should be clear and simple to obtain.

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