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Climate Monitoring WEB Interface Using 1_Wire™ Sensors Imad Hoteit Hassan Wehbe.

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1 Climate Monitoring WEB Interface Using 1_Wire™ Sensors Imad Hoteit Hassan Wehbe

2 Outline Project Summary Standards Functional Description Inputs and Outputs Modes of Operation

3 Outline Block Diagrams Flowcharts Parts List Datasheet Specifications Testing Schedule of tasks

4 Project Summary Monitoring temperature and humidity in computer laboratories will assist in maintaining facilities and hardware. Light sensors can be used to keep track of laboratory usage and even reduce the electricity bill.

5 Project Summary The purpose of this project is to set up these sensors, create a user-friendly web based interface (applet) and a database that will hold previous data and provide query abilities to the applet.

6 Standards MySQL protocol over TCP/IP(DSTP) Operating System: Windows or Linux Platform Dallas Semiconductor “1-Wire  ” devices Point Six, Inc HA5 adapter to ASCII protocol IEEE’s “9 pin” Serial Connection, RS-232

7 Standards

8 Functional Description Hardware Interface –The sensors will be distributed along two wires that go through different rooms of Jobst hall; these are connected to the HA5 adapter.

9 Functional Description

10 Applet –The applet will run on a web server and will query the sensors for readings. –Data will be recorded in a database for later use. –Many applications could be added to the applet making use of the records in the database. These have not been decided yet.

11 Functional Description

12 Inputs and Outputs Inputs : –Light, temperature and humidity i.e. sensor readings –Input from the user Request history of a sensor Update the readings

13 Inputs and Outputs Outputs: –Output displayed to the user from the interface Current status of all sensors History for selected sensor –Data sent and saved in the database

14 Modes of Operation Applet –Display historical data –Get immediate sensor update Sensor Query Daemon –Discover sensors on network –Request sensor readings –Update database

15 Applet Flowchart

16 Sensor Query Daemon Flowchart

17 Parts List Point Six, Inc manufactures all these devices –D2Photo Light Sensor –DS1820Digital Thermometer –HMP-2001S 0-100% Digital Relative Temperature and Humidity Sensor –HA5 RS232 to Isolated 1-Wire  Host Adapter –T8A 8 Channel 12 bit Analog 1-Wire  CARD –T8D8 Channel Digital I/O 1-Wire  CARD

18 Datasheet Specifications HA5 Adapter –Drive capability:200 sensors –Maximum cable length:2000 ft Power Supply –Power received:110V/60Hz –Power provided:5V/2A

19 Datasheet Specifications DS1820 (Digital Thermometer): –Temperature is read as a 9-bit digital value –Range:-55°C to +125 °C with ±0.5 °C -67 °F to +257 °F with ±0.9 °F –Converts temperature to digital word in 200ms

20 Datasheet Specifications D2Photo (Light Monitor): –Returns ON or OFF –Photosensitivity Spectral Range: Min: 730 nm Max: 1100 nm

21 Datasheets Specifications HMP-2001S (Humidity & Temperature sensor): –Collects: %RH (12 bit) (0-100% range) Temperature data (13 bit - ±0.038 °F) All sensors have a unique 64-bit electronic serial number

22 Testing The HA5 was accessed using the HyperTerminal program. –Baud rate:115200 bits/s –Data bits:8 –Parity:None –Stop bit:1 –Flow control:None

23 Timing HassanSuper Imad ResearchTestingResearchTesting Week17070 Week25133 Week32423 Week44232 Week52452 Week62343 Total22142413

24 Schedule of Future Tasks Winter Break –Investigate and (hopefully) test Database usage –Research JDBC January, February –Complete main objective of project

25 Schedule of Future Tasks March, April, May –Tentative Implementation of additional features Plots based on historical data Generation and usage of a general configuration file –Capstone Presentation –Winning the award

26 Climate Monitoring WEB Interface Questions

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